Simplify Florida Product Approval with Intertek's Florida Building Code Report (FBCR) and Miami Dade Testing

What is the Intertek Florida Building Code Report?
What is the Intertek Florida Building Code Report (FBCR)? The Intertek Florida Building Code Report (FBCR) is a comprehensive technical report that summarizes our evaluation of a manufacturer's product or system's compliance with the Florida Building Code. The FBCR addresses the relevant sections of the Florida Building Code, streamlining the approval process for building products within the State of Florida.

The 8th Edition (2023) of the Florida Building Code will go into effect on December 31st, 2023. All Florida Product Approval applications and Miami Dade NOAs must be updated prior to December 31st, 2023. We can assist both new and current Report holders with the updates and required approval process. Sign up here for an Intertek Engineer to contact you.

Benefits of this New Service: Intertek's new service aims to simplify the Florida product approval process, making it easier for manufacturers to obtain the required certifications. By acquiring the Intertek Florida Building Code Report, manufacturers gain the trust of code officials, as it confirms that their products meet the stringent state requirements.

FBCR Processing Time:
Our dedicated staff works closely with you to ensure your project is completed on time and with utmost efficiency. Upon receiving the necessary data, the average time for reviewing documentation and preparing the Florida Building Code Report is approximately two weeks. Following this, an initial factory audit will be conducted, concluding with a comprehensive certification process. With several laboratories located across North America, we offer a convenient one-stop-shop experience for all required testing.

How to apply for FBCR?
To begin the FBCR application process, please provide us with as much information as possible about your product(s), manufacturing operations, and quality control documents, along with the various configurations you want to receive certification for. Let us know the specific section of the Florida Building Code for which approval is sought, including any consideration for High Velocity Hurricane Zones. Upon receiving your information, we will respond promptly with a tailored plan designed to fast track your approval process.

Hurricane Standards, Testing, and Product Approvals

Why Intertek
Our Florida Building Code Report offers a direct and uncomplicated approach, ensuring our customers obtain the necessary certification promptly and cost-effectively. Once the submittal is completed, it should take no longer than two weeks for the Authority Having Jurisdiction to approve your product and grant you market access. When it comes to renewals our staff are on hand to keep you and your product in the market. If there is a change to your product or an update published by FBCR, we can assist you to determine if your product maintains code compliance and advise you of any changes that will be required to your keep your product listed with the FBC.

Fee schedule
We have a simple, straight-forward approach Florida Building Code Report certification fees, including

  • FBCR Technical Review - Prepare technical evaluation plan and review of initial data per the evaluation plan.
  • QA Program enrollment
  • Quality Control and Inspection requirements for certified products
  • Initial Factory Audit – Carried out remotely

Annual Renewal of FBCR (assessed on the anniversary date of the code report)

  • QA Program Fee
  • Inspection
  • Code update year (every 3 years)

Miami Dade Testing, Certification and Product Approvals (NOA)

Miami Dade product approvals let architects, specifiers, buyers and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) know that your products meet the unique requirements for a hurricane prone area. When severe weather strikes in South Florida, the performance of your product could be what saves homes or lives. Having a Miami Dade NOA (notice of acceptance) shows that your product is suitable for commercial use and has passed the impact resistance test for cases of extreme weather. Intertek provides the testing and certification services necessary to assure products are protected against all environmental changes.

Paths to Florida Product Approval

Expert testing and certification is provided in the following areas:

Products subject to Miami Dade product approvals include:

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