Standard: TAS 202 – Criteria for Testing Impact & Non-impact Resistant Building Envelope Components Using Uniform Static Air Pressure

Scope: This protocol covers procedures for conducting air infiltration resistance, structural wind loading and water infiltration tests using uninform static air pressure (measured in psf) followed by forced entry resistance testing

Applicable Products: Wall cladding, glass block, exterior doors, garage doors, skylights, exterior windows, storm shutters, and any other external component which helps maintain the integrity of the building envelope

Test Procedure: First, air infiltration is measured at standard pressures of 1.57psf and 6.24psf. Air infiltration is followed by structural loads where deflection and permanent set are measured at preload (75% of overload) and design load in both the positive and negative directions; each load is held for 30 seconds. After structural loads are performed, water infiltration is performed at a minimum of 15% of the positive design load. Water infiltration is followed by structural overloads (between 1.5 and 3 times the design load, depending on the product) in both positive and negative directions. Deflection and permanent set are measured, loads are held for 30 seconds. Finally, forced entry resistance is performed.

End Result: Verification that the product does or does not meet the performance criteria for air infiltration, structural loads, water infiltration and forced entry resistance. A comprehensive test report will be issued at the end of the conclusion of testing.

Special Notes: A specified design pressure is required for this testing. If the design pressure is unknown, structural loads on a separate unit(s) can be performed to help determine the design pressure.

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