Oil Condition Monitoring (OCM) testing of jet engine oil and hydraulic lubricants and fluids.

Jet engine oil condition monitoring (OCM) analysis identifies and quantifies wear metal trends in engine lubricants to help isolate specific component problems. Wear debris and contaminants can be created by airborne contaminants, including volcanic ash. These fine contaminant airborne particles when ingested as a dirt or dust can damage the jet engine components. 

By comparing historical analysis with expected new oil values, Intertek helps identify developing problems early and can suggest corrective action, saving engine owners expensive repair costs and downtime. Scheduled analysis and expert analytical services identify and track trends. Intertek provides a comprehensive and independent service to monitor the overall jet engine health, through programmed analysis. 

Intertek oil condition monitoring for jet engines testing is performed by accredited laboratories supporting aviation companies, jet engine manufacturers, and related businesses. Intertek employs experienced technicians who specialise in oil and lubricant testing and engine wear. OCM analysis measures changes in lubricants, hydraulic fluids and other products, from established trends or in relation to the threshold of control limits.

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