World-class fuel and lubricant testing and consultancy expertise.

Intertek Caleb Brett

Intertek's Farnborough fuels and lubricant center in the United Kingdom is an independent service provider with a significant fuel & lube background, derived from extensive experience working on equipment and components deployed in the most demanding conditions, across a broad range of commercial and military operators. 

Farnborough fuel and lubricant expertise offer essential benefits for any engineer working with fuel and lubricant issues. The experts at Farnborough are experts at trouble-shooting problems, helping increase equipment reliability, and reducing cost of ownership.

Consultants with years of industry experience help maintenance managers make crucial decisions about the serviceability of their equipment that will maximise availability for a given life-cycle cost.

Intertek offers a one-stop shop for fuels and lubricants consultancy, testing, and condition monitoring services. The strong link between our global laboratory testing team and our expert consultants to enable Intertek to offer reliable and professional advice and interpretation.

Tests offered in Farnborough include:

  • Kinematic Viscosity, ASTM D445 
  • Particulate Contamination, FTM-3012
  • Full lubricant quality and trouble-shooting expertise
  • Full fuel quality and trouble-shooting expertise
  • and many others
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