Wind turbine gearbox oil lubricant condition monitoring programs.

Intertek Caleb Brett

Intertek provides gearbox oil lubricant condition monitoring tests for wind power turbines, include industry recognized ASTM standards and others protocols.

Wind turbine gearbox oil quality monitor tests:

  • Water Content, D4377, D6304, D95
  • Sediment and Insolubles, D893
  • Total Acid Number, D974, D664
  • Total Base Number, D4739
  • Kinematic Viscosity, D445
  • Sulfur Content, D2622
  • Oxidation Condition, E168
  • Wear, Contamination, Additive Metals, D5185
  • Low Temp Brookfield Viscosity, D2983
  • Particle Size and Shape Analysis:
    • Count of Combined Magnetic and Nonmagnetic Particles
    • Particle Cleanliness Analysis
    • Particle Size and Shape Analysis by Ferrography
  • Gearbox Oil Qualification Testing
  • Gearbox Oil Condition Monitoring
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