Qualification testing for gearbox oils and lubricants.

Intertek Caleb Brett

When interpreting gearbox lubricant analysis, Intertek laboratories test for many key quality indicators. Routine gearbox lubricant condition monitoring tests can provide early warning of impending failures and help mitigate expensive downtime and repairs.

Gearbox lubricant condition tests include

API gravity D287 (DIN 51757) 
Kinematic Viscosity D445 (DIN EN ISO 3104) 
Viscosity Index D2270 (ISO 2909) 
Pour Point D97 (ISO 3016)
Channel Point FTM-3456
Flash Point D92 (DIN EN ISO 2592)
Low Temp Brookfield Viscosity D2983
Water Content D4377/D6304 (ISO 3733)
Water Separation D1401 (ISO 6614)
Total Acid Number D974/D664 (DIN 51558-1)
Oxidation Stability D2893
Total Acid Number D974/D664 (DIN 51558-1)
Oxidation Stability D2893
Precipitation Number D91
Foaming D4921 (ISO 6247)
3-hr Copper Strip Corrosion D130 (DIN EN ISO 2160)
Rust test (A & B) D665 (ISO 7120)
Oxidation Testing S200
Demulsibility D2711
Four-Ball EP test D2783
Four-Ball Wear Test D4172
Timken Load Area Test D2782
FZG-Four Square Gear Test FZG
Anti-seizure characteristics FZG (DIN51354-2)
Anti-wear characteristics FE8 (DIN51819-3) (not currently available)
Seal Compatibility Testing DIN53538
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