Intertek experts provide nanotechnology-related safety and regulatory solutions for companies seeking support in developing and gaining market access to nano-based materials.

Intertek’s nanotechnology safety and regulatory services support companies that produce or utilize nanomaterials (a substance with at least one dimension between 1 and 100 nm) for a variety of novel applications, including food uses. 

Innovation in the nanomaterial industry has accelerated at a rapid pace to which regulators across the globe have often struggled to keep up with.  Although regulations for nanomaterials have been established in most global jurisdictions, this is an ongoing and evolving process and in some cases evaluated on a case-by-case basis. This can make it difficult for companies to have a clear picture of the route to market and what obstacles they face in their access to multiple jurisdictions. 

Intertek Scientific and Regulatory Consultancy has extensive scientific knowledge and experience in areas pertinent to the field of nanotechnology, including pre-clinical study design, product development, regulatory affairs and government liaison, toxicology, epidemiology, and risk assessment. 

Our nanotechnology-related services include:

  • Developing valuable strategic information pertaining to the design, manufacture, and testing of nanomaterials, to provide a guide to market access;
  • Consultation on study design to ensure that any studies conducted to demonstrate either efficacy or safety of novel materials will meet regulatory requirements and be useful in future regulatory submissions in various jurisdictions;
  • Designing and coordinating nanoparticle toxicology studies;
  • Providing critical insights into the evolving regulations and guidelines for nanotechnology-based materials and products;
  • Address potential health and environmental effects of nanomaterials; 
  • Nanotechnology materials research and development support.

Intertek also has analytical laboratories that provide state-of-the art nano-scale material structural, chemical, and surface analysis and technical support for client research, product development, and troubleshooting requirements.

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