Optical Profilometry provides a non-contact approach to the accurate determination of surface form and structure.

Optical Profilometry can be applied to problems as diverse as nano-scale lithography in electronics fabrication and wear-scar analysis in metal engine parts. Surface texture and profile is important in many applications. Optical profiling methods, being non-contact, have advantages over more conventional stylus-based approaches. The optical approach allows for simple, cost-effective production of surface profile maps over large areas, and can be used on a wide range of surfaces, including soft solids or even viscous liquids. Quantitative information on surface roughness or other morphological properties can also be obtained as part of the profilometry analysis.

Optical profilometry applications include:

  • wear profile analysis for lubricant characterisation
  • characterisation of embossed structures and products
  • texture analysis for personal care products
  • scratch and crack analysis
  • paint and coating characterisation


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