28 Mar 2013

Allentown, PA - Intertek, the leading quality solutions provider to industries worldwide, announces its partnership with the New Jersey Center for Biomaterials (NJCBM) and its Center for Dermal Research (CDR) both based at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. As part of this alliance, Intertek will offer a diverse range of support to the medical device and health and beauty products industries, including contract analysis focused on the research and development to support new product development; validation and execution of GLP and cGMP analytical methods, and support of manufacturing process development, including troubleshooting. These analyses also support product development from early development to manufacture.

Intertek's Allentown-based Analytical Sciences Center provides characterization expertise that can provide insight into development of exciting new dermatopharmaceutic formulations and medical implants and devices. This new partnership will merge Intertek’s expertise in evaluation of biomedical applications with NJCBM’s expertise in polymer design, synthesis and fabrication. In addition, Intertek Whitehouse-based cGMP-accredited facility, provides an expanded scope of cGMP (analytical) services, including method development and validation, and stability testing. Both NJCBM and CDR are committed to working with industry to better connect academic research with industrial development.

The NJCBM is a leading biomaterials research institute and its Center for Dermal Research is a key player in the world of topical and transdermal compound delivery. NJCBM, under the leadership of Dr. Joachim Kohn, has pioneered methods to accelerate biomaterials discovery. Medical device companies have developed some of the novel materials invented at NJCBM into clinical products such as anti-infective envelopes for pacemakers and defibrillators, and coronary stents.

NJCBM teams are also exploring the broad potential of biomaterials technologies in several new projects with companies that are developing cell-based therapies. In the area of dermal drug delivery, the CDR has gathered partners who represent some of the leading innovators in topical products, both for therapeutic and personal care uses. As a prominent dermatopharmaceutics research center, under the leadership of Dr. Bozena Michniak, CDR conducts studies on topical and transdermal compound delivery, skin biology and skin tissue engineering. Complementary educational and professional development opportunities for both corporate and individual members create a vibrant network.

"We know,” says Dr. Kohn, “that on a local level, such partnerships can contribute to a region’s economies. Thinking more globally, if we enable companies to take advantage of the newest science coming out of universities, we can help to make the U.S. more competitive.”

"Intertek's presence in more than 100 countries worldwide makes it the ideal partner for CDR and NJCBM to share our capabilities in dermatopharmaceutics and biomaterials,” said Dr. Michniak. “We look forward to the new opportunities and challenges that working with Intertek can bring us.”

"Intertek is very excited about our ability to expand through this agreement and meet our customers growing needs significantly improving the understanding and efficacy of biomaterials and dermal technologies” states Sherri Bassner, Director Northeast US Operations, Intertek Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals. “Intertek’s skills around materials characterization and new material development as well as our broad understanding of the regulatory issues surrounding these materials complement the Center’s unique research and materials evaluation skills.”

Learn more about Intertek’s analytical services: https://www.intertek.com/analytical-laboratories/allentown/

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The New Jersey Center for Biomaterials, based at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, is one of the leading academic research Centers to address the challenges of biomaterials discovery and optimization through a rational interdisciplinary approach. This approach includes expertise in polymer chemistry, materials science, cell and stem cell biology, and prototype development. Since 1997, the Center has been a nationally recognized resource in biomaterials science with a major emphasis on industrial interactions. The Center's scientific strengths lie in the design, synthesis, characterization and fabrication of new materials for tissue engineering, drug delivery and regenerative medicine. The Center manages sponsored programs of inventive research, postdoctoral education and translational research leading to partnerships with industry. These activities synergize to provide an enriched environment for innovative research that focuses on the ultimate societal goals of improved healthcare and quality of life.

The Center for Dermal Research, a program of the New Jersey Center for Biomaterials, aims to be the premier dermatopharmaceutics research center in New Jersey conducting studies on topical and transdermal compound delivery, skin biology and skin tissue engineering. In addition to its work with companies, the Center for Dermal Research creates quality educational opportunities for its corporate and individual members through workshops, seminar series, symposia and courses.