Intertek research laboratories.

Intertek research laboratories provide independent material science and analytical testing solutions for customers around the world. Expertise includes research and development, quality control testing, materials analysis and characterisation, formulation, unknowns identification, test method development and validation, method remediation, measurement science, contamination troubleshooting and more. Intertek research laboratories offer advanced laboratory testing techniques to local, regional and global customers. 

The high-end research laboratories are staffed by Ph.D. and Master degree scientists, providing extensive analytical expertise serving the electronics, materials, nanotechnology, biotechnology, petroleum, chemical, food, manufacturing and other industries.

 Intertek analytical research laboratory locations:

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology laboratories provide GLP and cGMP compliant R&D support:

Intertek laboratories are strategically located across the world. Sample collection and transport can be easily arranged. Contact Intertek for information on how their research laboratory experts and resources can be applied to your analytical testing research challenges and projects.

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Materials Analysis and Testing

Intertek provides analytical and physical analysis for a wide range of materials with a global network of laboratories and expertise in the development, processing, characterization, and testing of diverse and advanced materials.

Pharmaceutical Services

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