Screening and detection of contamination in marine bunker fuel oil.

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Avoid costly bad bunker fuel and resultant engine and regulatory problems, with Lintec's convenient testing program screening marine fuel for chemical contamination and adulterants.

The bunker fuel chemical screening program helps protect ship owners from the severe operational and economic consequences resulting from engine damage caused by burning contaminated bunker fuels.

Recent test data indicates that around 5% of the bunker fuels screened contained higher than normal levels of chemical waste. Ship owners and other stakeholders benefit when marine bunker fuels which contain hazardous chemicals and other adulterants are identified before the point of use.

Using advanced Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) instrumentation, Intertek Lintec laboratories detect and analyse client bunker fuel samples to trace-levels for chemical waste and other contamination. The bunker fuel screening program identifies chemical waste in real-time, providing the client with vital information on a fuel's quality before it is used. Many types of contaminants are detected using this analytical technique, with contaminants detected at very low concentrations.

Intertek Lintec professionals use the fuel test data to assist clients identify implications for both vessel safety and the environment when fuels are found to contain chemical waste. The screening program identifies chemical concentrations and compares against average values for each chemical on a port-by-port basis. Clients are advised by Intertek when markedly higher-than-average values for natural chemicals and abnormal levels of chlorinated or other waste chemicals are detected.

Many Intertek Lintec clients subscribe to the screening program in order to operate safe and regulatory compliant vessels, reducing the risk of engine damage or having to de-bunker bad fuel. 

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