Pre-testing of Bunker Fuels

Pre-testing marine bunker fuel reduces the risk of costly engine damage and expensive debunkering.

Bunker fuel pre-testing is provided by Intertek Lintec, enabling bunker fuel quality to be known prior to delivery to the ship. Pre-testing gives marine bunker fuel purchasers the ability to evaluate fuel quality and either accept the fuel or request the supplier to provide an alternative bunker stem.

Pre-testing of marine bunker fuel helps ensure off-specification fuel is not delivered to the vessel, and reduces the risk for costly debunkering of bad fuel.

Marine Bunker fuel pre-testing:

  • Intertek Lintec personnel remain in contact with the fuel supplier to avoid or minimize potential delays.
  • Samples are transported to a Intertek Lintec bunker fuel lab, where a volumetric composite of all tanks sampled is prepared.
  • Composite samples are tested by Intertek to an abbreviated version of ISO 8217, using modified test methods.
  • Testing is prompt, between 4-6 hours. If fuel parameters fail to meet the fuel specification, additional testing and time may be required.
  • Results are reported to the vessel and/or client before the barge commences pumping bunker fuel to the vessel, so that the fuel quality designated for that client vessel is confirmed and known prior to bunkering.
  • In most cases, barges are instructed by the supplier to wait for Intertek Lintec results before fuel pumping operations.
  • Sampling of the barge is a critical part of the operation, as non-representative samples affect quality. The Intertek surveyor is instructed to follow proper sampling procedures. Copies of the sampling procedure and pre-testing analysis protocol are included with client quotations.
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