Intertek Lintec helps ship owners and operators manage risk and improve profits, by monitoring and testing bunker fuels, marine lubricants, fire fighting foam, and more.

The global maritime shipping industry faces challenging times. High fuel prices, tightening emission regulations, engine damage risks from bad bunker fuel or aged lubricants, volatile market conditions, and the danger of regulatory fines put relentless pressure on the business. Ship owners need services which provide smart and cost-effective asset protection and reputation assurance.

Intertek Lintec helps maritime industry clients manage these risks by providing valuable bunker fuel and lubricant quality services to the world’s marine industry, utilizing extensive global expertise and resources.

Marine fuel, lubricant, potable water, fire fighting foam services:

Intertek Lintec coordination and testing centers provide global coverage for clients operating in EMEA, APAC and the Americas.

What makes Intertek Lintec better and different?

Proven speed, service, quality, reliability, and expertise separate Intertek from our competitors. Since 1993, Intertek (including heritage Lintec) has provided a fully managed bunker fuel testing service to ship owners and managers, and has deep experience and a solid reputation in the industry.

Intertek Lintec offers key service advantages for customers, including a global partnership with DHL and our unique Priority Advantage Desk (PAD) to help expedite rapid shipment of client marine fuel samples for testing. Customers save crucial time in receiving valuable fuel quality test data, a key factor in minimizing the risk of damage to valuable ship assets.

Intertek Lintec advantages:

  • Bunker fuel screening provides a line of defense for the detection of chemicals known to cause damage to ship’s engines and components.
  • Intertek Lintec centers have dedicated experienced coordination and business development personnel ready to work with clients to provide rapid and prompt response and follow-up for Intertek Lintec services.
  • Global account management, logistics, invoicing and reporting are centralized in Darlington UK, giving clients consistent and reliable service, no matter where they are located.
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