Emergency rapid response to contamination issues including failure investigation, analysis, detection, isolation as well as client consultancy and support

Contamination issues will require a rapid and dedicated response as soon as a form of contamination is detected. A realistic evaluation of the extent of the issue is to be expected. 

In industry, different personnel will be affected in different ways by contamination issues. For a quality manager it may mean investigations reportable to the FDA. For a business, contamination-induced issues can result in considerable costs, recalls and lasting damage to reputation. Rapid detection, identification and isolation of contaminants will provide your business with a realistic timescale by which to gauge downtime and resolution of the issue.

Intertek provides a world-class emergency rapid response contamination analysis and identification service.

Our contamination experts will use their experience to quickly identify and evaluate your contamination problem, allowing you to concentrate on any potentially stressful on-site issues generally associated with contamination investigations such as downtime and cost projection.

Emergency Rapid Response: Failure Investigation and Analysis

As part of our Failure Investigation capabilities, Intertek's highly skilled experienced scientists will rapidly detect and isolate any contaminants, identify the source of any unknown particles or deposits and then quickly determine the correct analytical technique(s) required to ensure the contamination is identified as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Emergency Rapid Response Contamination Analysis:

  • Forensic methodology and bespoke multi-technique analysis
  • Best practice advice regarding collection and packaging of samples of materials for detailed scientific investigation
  • Highly skilled and experienced contamination experts
  • Vast contamination analysis track record and success rate
  • Ongoing Contamination Support and Consultancy

Intertek provides a global material and component failure investigation service which focuses on polymers, blends, compounds, laminates, advanced materials and, particularly, the end-user products manufactured from these materials.

The team draw on their intimate knowledge of production processes of the raw material, polymerisation technology, moulding processes and end-user applications that vary from simple packaging films through to consumer goods to advanced aerospace materials.

We have empathy with customers and a consideration of the business and emotional impact of failure of components or system fail. Some of the wide variety of issues – and their resolutions – with which our team has successfully dealt include the following:

· Surface defects were noted on electrical components which had been returned and were identified as being entrapment of volatiles due to a sub-contractor who had failed to dry the polymer before moulding.
· The failure of nylon components by mechanical testing was later proved to be the fault of the raw material supplier who had cross-contaminated the nylon with other moulding materials.
· The phenomenon of stress crazing in blow-moulded PET bottles was found to be the cause of their cracking and collapse on supermarket shelves: a substantial health and safety issue.
· A full contamination audit of the supply chain was undertaken due to the high reject rate during the manufacture of plastic baths which lead to the discovery that breakages were occurring mainly due to particulate contamination of the polymer.
· A hose clip in an aerospace application failed regularly when assembled on the production line. Fracture analysis indicated a performance detractor in the design of the component and resulted in a recall.
· Cam belt gear failure in new vehicles was traced back to inferior specification which occurred in the component’s supply chain.

    Intertek’s global capabilities involve multidisciplinary experience and insight, equipped with a wide variety of laboratory techniques ranging from light microscopy to scanning electron microscopy, to understand and deal with the critical issues you face. Our global team of experts are on hand to discuss any contamination issues you have and are available to visit your site to provide a helping hand when you are most in need. 

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