Contamination Identification plus client support and consultancy

When contamination has been identified by Intertek the support does not stop there.  Intertek contamination experts will draw on their vast experience to offer additional consultancy to help identify potential sources of the contamination, eliminate it and offer advice on contamination control as well as decontamination.

Intertek contamination experts can cross match potential sources of contamination, i.e. fibre contamination to a particular source e.g. clothing and assess the efficiency of attempts at decontamination.

In extreme situations where contamination issues cannot be resolved quickly a contamination improvement plan can be formulated.  This may include on site contamination auditing where Intertek contamination experts can act independently to help gather and collate information and data from the various parties involved in order to help identify and remove any major contamination problems.

Contamination Control example sectors:

  • Plant and Process Operations
  • Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Raw Materials and Quality Control
  • Storage and Transportation
  • Packaging and Final Product
  • Consumer Complaints and Litigation

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