Accelerated Stress Testing simulates “real-life” conditions to provide necessary evaluation data that helps ensure a product’s life and reliability

Accelerated Stress Testing (AST) can save both time and money in various applications without making the setup and test execution complex.

Our AST equipment accurately simulates real-world conditions, including:

  • simultaneous application of 6 axis (degrees of freedom) random vibration or single axis random and/or sinusoidal vibration up to 25,000 lbs,
  • extreme thermal cycling with humidity, and numerous possible other stresses such as voltage, electrical/mechanical loading, and contaminants.

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AST, Accelerated Stress Testing

For HALT/HASS testing of electronics or other PCB-based electromechanical products, we offer two air hammer tables that use an LN2 cooling system, a frequency range of 20 to 3,500 Hz and a vibration energy range of 3gRMS to 60gRMS.

Intertek is a world-leading testing lab that can provide a broad range of Accelerated Stress Testing (AST) Services. We will work with you to uncover design defects or weaknesses that may not have been realized during product design.

Specific AST capabilities/test methods include:

Multiple Environment Over Stress Test (MEOST)

Multiple Environment Over Stress Test is a test method similar to FMVT. MEOST takes multiple stress and applies it to the product in a short period of time and elevates those stresses towards two-thirds of the destruct limit. The primary objective of MEOST is to find the failure modes so they can be addressed.

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