Full System Life Testing (FSLT)

With FSLT Intertek will work with you to uncover design defects or weaknesses that may not have been realized during product design.

Through simulated “real-life” conditions, our accelerated stress testing methods will provide you with the data necessary to evaluate recent or proposed product changes, and ensure the reliability of your products. The information goal of FSLT is to Pass (it's a Pass/Fail test). A Full System Life Test is very similar to a traditional reliability test. The difference is in the use of a full system and the application of all service stresses.

The accuracy of an FSLT is based on knowing:

  • Strength distribution
  • Service conditions and distribution
  • Large sample size
  • Accurate reproduction of service conditions

FSLT Product Applications:

  • Automotive Cockpit
  • Automotive Door System
  • HVAC Systems
  • And More