23 May 2023

Safety of electrical products in the EU

15% increase in unsafe CE-marked products on the EU market since 2017, TIC study shows

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06 Jan 2023

Meeting Environmental and Compliance Goals with ISO14001:2015

Focus on portions of the environmental management system (EMS) that assist an organisation to meet its compliance obligations

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16 Nov 2021

All You Need to Know About SASO RoHS

New requirements are coming for EEE sold in Saudi Arabia

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19 Oct 2021

Code Compliance Simplified

Using Code Compliance Research Reports to demonstrate compliance of alternative products

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23 Feb 2021

Brexit Impact to Conformity Assessment

Marking Requirements for the UK

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26 May 2020

Factors to consider in the testing of toys

A timely reminder following the increase in retail sales of toys during the global Covid-19 pandemic

14 Jan 2020

Testing and Certification in North America

A Look at OSHA's NRTL Program

17 Dec 2019

Understanding Standards: An Overview - Part 2

What If There Is No Standard

10 Dec 2019

Understanding Standards: An Overview - Part 1

How to Read a Standard

22 Oct 2019

IMO 2020 0.50% Global Sulphur Cap

Intertek's outlook on the introduction of 0.50% m/m Sulphur Fuels in Africa and opportunities in the Bunker Industry

10 Sep 2019

Moving Production Facilities Can Impact Certifications

What to Know When Considering a Geographic Change

10 Jun 2019

June 9 is World Accreditation Day!

World Accreditation Day underscores accreditation's role in bolstering the global supply chain

10 May 2016

The Balancing Act of Hoverboard Safety

Certification Options for the U.S. Under UL 2272