19 Oct 2021

Using Code Compliance Research Reports to demonstrate compliance of alternative products

Code officials in the building and construction industry are frequently faced with having to approve products and systems when the product or system is an alternative under the code (typically, Section 104.11 of the International Building Code and International Residential Code, though other codes have similar language). One tool that is available to assist in these situations is a Code Compliance Research Report (CCRR).

A CCRR is a technical report that summarizes a manufacturer's data that demonstrates to code officials, engineers, architects, and industry code compliance of a product or system. CCRRs address compliance with the code, and not just a single code-referenced standard. CCRRs also help where the product or system is governed by multiple requirements because it summarizes the relevant code information into a single document. CCRRs can also identify the critical elements of the construction needed to meet the requirements of the code.

CCRRs are accepted by building officials throughout the U.S. as a valid research report when completed by an approved source, making it easier to ensure compliance of relevant products in thousands of jurisdictions across North America.

CCRR Requirements

  • Issued by an agency accredited under ISO/IEC 17065
  • Identify that it is based on code requirements or, in the case of an alternative product or system, a normative standard such as an acceptance criteria approved by the ICC-ES Evaluation Committee
  • Document that the product has been tested and shown to comply with the standards specifically required by the code
  • Document that the products are under a regular surveillance inspection program, providing assurance that the product at the job site is the same as that used in the qualifying tests
  • Identify the enforceable conditions and limitations needed to install the product in the field
  • Identify the labeling required for field identification

CCRR Process

To obtain a CCRR, manufacturers submit data to Intertek for their product or system for review against the requirements of a normative standard such as an Acceptance Criteria or the Model Building Codes. The review includes review of the manufacturing and quality systems for the product. If the review supports compliance with the respective requirements, then the CCRR may be issued.

Each CCRR is developed under the supervision of a professionally licensed engineer who is separated from the testing process. This ensures there is an independent review of the testing necessary to demonstrate compliance with code. Intertek issues CCRRs with our ETL Mark to verify a product meets the relevant code requirements through rigorous testing, evaluation, and on-going verification of compliance.


Michael Beaton, P.E.
Director, Special Projects Building & Construction


Michael Beaton has 32 years of industry experience in building and construction, including 20 years with the International Code Council (ICC) Evaluation Service. He is a licensed mechanical engineer in California and a member of ASTM E05 – Fire Standards.

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