26 Mar 2024

Wired for Success: The Role of Quality Assurance in Electrical Product Manufacturing

A look at some key components to incorporate into your QA program

23 May 2023

Safety of electrical products in the EU

15% increase in unsafe CE-marked products on the EU market since 2017, TIC study shows

09 May 2023

Medical Device Compliance for Home Healthcare Settings

Considerations for designing and manufacturing electronic medical devices

15 Jun 2021

Potentially Explosive Atmosphere Product Certifications

Understanding Regional Requirements for Global Market Access

23 Mar 2021

New Standard for Vaccine Storage Units

Electrical Safety and Performance Considerations

16 Mar 2021

Radio and EMC

An Overview of ETSI EN 300 328 V2.2.2

09 Mar 2021

Power Over Ethernet

Safety and Performance Requirements

09 Feb 2021

Ensuring the Safety and Performance of Electrical Products

The Testing and Certification Process in North America

15 Jan 2021

Battery Failure Analysis

Getting to the Root of the Problem

13 Nov 2020

Compliance Requirements for Germicidal Lighting

Testing and Certification Considerations

02 Oct 2020

EVSE Testing and Global Certifications

What Manufacturers Need to Know

12 May 2020

Flammable Refrigerants Under UL 60335-2-40

What HVAC Manufacturers Need to Know

14 Apr 2020

Addressing the Safety of Energy Storage Systems

A Look at ANSI/CAN/UL 9540: 2020

25 Feb 2020

The Challenges and Changes of IEC 61010

What Manufacturers Should Know

14 Jan 2020

Testing and Certification in North America

A Look at OSHA's NRTL Program

13 Dec 2019

Testing and Certifying Hazardous Location Assemblies

What to Know About IEC/TS 60079-46

26 Nov 2019

The Bridge to China

Medical Device Approvals with the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA)

19 Nov 2019

Robots & Robotics Series - Part 3

North American Requirements

01 Nov 2019

Robots & Robotics Series - Part 2

European Requirements

29 Oct 2019

Power Tools Testing & Certification

IEC 62841 Compliance for Global Market Access

18 Oct 2019

Robots & Robotics Series - Part 1

Hazards and Testing

10 Sep 2019

Moving Production Facilities Can Impact Certifications

What to Know When Considering a Geographic Change

02 Jul 2019

EMC & Wireless Compliance for Active Implantable Medical Devices

Ensuring Safety and Performance in a Connected World

03 May 2019

Transportation of Lithium Batteries - Part 2

Going Beyond the Basics of UN 38.3

25 Apr 2019

Transportation of Lithium Batteries

The Basics of UN 38.3 and its Requirements

23 Apr 2019

Celebrating International Safety Day

Are you up for the challenge

05 Feb 2019

Field Evaluations: The Benefits of Conducting Pre-evaluations

Remove the Risk and Be Ready for Future Business

08 Jan 2019

A Closer Look at Field Evaluations & Labeling

How to Secure Local Approval to Get Your Products Operational

03 Jul 2018

Navigating IEC 62133 for Batteries

Which Version is Right for You?

05 Jun 2018

Transitioning to New HVAC Safety Standards

Ensuring Compliance with UL 60335-2-40

06 Mar 2018

Fuel Cell Technologies - An External Supply of Chemical Energy

Generating Electricity from an Electrochemical Reaction

03 Oct 2017

Look, Up in the Sky! A Drone Series

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing

11 Oct 2016

Lithium-Ion Battery Safety

Mitigating Risk and Ensuring Quality

10 May 2016

The Balancing Act of Hoverboard Safety

Certification Options for the U.S. Under UL 2272

29 Mar 2016

A Change in 'Sit'-uation

How sit/stand workstations are raising questions about compliance

09 Jun 2015

6 Novel Electrical Toy Risk Assessment Tools

Just how safe is that electronic toy?

30 Dec 2014

Making a Declaration of Conformity for CE Marking in Europe? Avoid 5 common mistakes.

Whilst making a Declaration of Conformity is a common activity for many manufacturers, there are a number of common mistakes that can be avoided.

16 Dec 2014

Sharing the Intertek Experience

Recent Podcast helps share Intertek’s capabilities.

18 Nov 2014

Ensure Safety During the Holidays

A happy holiday season is one that begins and ends with everyone's safety.

04 Nov 2014

Getting extra value out of your testing and certification investment?

Improve the ROI on your testing and certification programme: 3 tips to get more from your compliance investment.

05 Aug 2014

Skimping on Testing? It’ll Cost You

Testing early and often is one of the most cost-effective ways to develop a quality product

05 Dec 2013

Changes Proposed to ENERGY STAR® BCS Products

On November 22, 2013, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued notice stating their intentions of eliminating the ENERGY STAR® specifications for Battery Charging Systems. So, what does this mean for you as a manufacturer?

20 Sep 2013

Maximize Efficiency in Safety Testing & Certification of LED Products

Understanding the fundamentals of lighting product safety testing and certification processes is critical.

06 Sep 2013

Arc Flash Protection Should Be A Priority in the Workplace

Are your employees protected against a potentially lethal arc flash?

14 Jun 2013

Product Safety Isn't a Choice… Or is it?

Gaining proof of product safety is important, but so is getting innovative products quickly into the hands of people who save lives. How do manufacturers balance the two?

05 Jun 2013

Safer Products Save Lives™

June is “National Safety Month”, but what is product safety and who is responsible for it?

03 May 2013

A Closer Look at 61010-1, Third Edition Changes

Products being sold into the EU must comply with the 3rd edition of CENELEC EN 61010-1 by October 2013.

20 Mar 2013

Global Growth in the Lithium-ion Battery Industry: Investigating the Opportunity in Argentina

The lithium-ion battery industry is predicted to reach $22.5 billion in 2016, according to recent report

04 Jan 2013

A Closer Look: Electrical Safety for 2013 - Part II

Learn more about the top electrical safety tips for 2013. In this follow up blog, you will learn more about some common warning signs that signify electrical safety hazards.

20 Dec 2012

A Closer Look: Electrical Safety for 2013 - Part I

Learn more about the top electrical safety tips for this holiday season. More specifically, our experts also will provide insight into how to start the New Year off to a safe start.