04 Jan 2013

Learn more about the top electrical safety tips for 2013. In this follow up blog, you will learn more about some common warning signs that signify electrical safety hazards.

Q. What are some common warning signs that signify electrical safety hazards and should be checked out by a licensed professional?

Response from Rich Adams, VP of Global Engineering & Certification, Intertek:  Any 'nuisance' tripping by your protection devices, such as circuit breakers, GFCIs or AFCIs.  Other things to watch out for are damaged receptacles or power cords, any type of exposed wiring and finally loose or damaged conduit that you may come across.

Response from Brett Brenner, President of ESFI:  There are many warning signs that can indicate that there is a major electrical hazard in your home.   To make your home as electrically safe as possible, the Electrical Safety Foundation International suggests that you make time each year to inspect the condition of your home electrical system, electrical cords, extension cords, power plugs, and outlets.  Symptoms of home electrical wiring problems may include 1) Household lights that dim or flicker, or a TV picture that shrinks in size; 2) evidence of arcs, sparks, or flashes of bright light in the electrical system. Additionally, it is important to take a moment to gauge the temperature of the faceplates on your electrical outlets. If a plate is warm or hot to the touch, it could indicate a serious wiring problem that should be further investigated by a qualified electrician. For more information on a list of items to check around your home this new year, visit: www.esfi.org.


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