07 Jun 2022
Automotive design considerations for global market access

How to maximise product performance and minimise time to market

17 Feb 2022
A Look to the Future of Formula E Racing

How Formula E teams can extract maximum performance from their powertrains under the new regulations

02 Oct 2020
EVSE Testing and Global Certifications

What Manufacturers Need to Know

28 Jul 2020
Driveline Electrification Technologies

Developing Testing for a Changing Industry

14 Jul 2020
Vibration Testing: Fixtures

Get It Right the First Time

07 Jul 2020
Vibration Testing Insights

What You Need to Know To Pull Off a Vibration Test

10 Sep 2019
Moving Production Facilities Can Impact Certifications

What to Know When Considering a Geographic Change

06 Mar 2018
Fuel Cell Technologies - An External Supply of Chemical Energy

Generating Electricity from an Electrochemical Reaction

01 Dec 2015
New Finished Product Requirements for EU REACH

See what the new ruling means by checking out our infographic

29 Jul 2014
A Closer Look at EVs and FCVs: Competing or Complimentary Technologies?

What are the competing or complementary technologies of EVs and FCVs?

22 Jul 2014
The EV Advantage

In part two of this three part series, we’ll take a closer look at the electric vehicle advantage and energy efficiency advantage

15 Jul 2014
Fuel Cells vs Batteries in the Automotive Sector

What are the benefits of fuel cell vehicles?

15 Feb 2013
Certification to UL 2202 - Part II

An EV battery charger is typically AC in/DC out, and provides charging voltage directly to the vehicle battery. These systems are typically used to provide higher power levels and thereby faster charging than the onboard chargers.

14 Feb 2013
Certification to UL 2202 - Part I

There are several design types or protocols for DC chargers, all of which can be tested and listed according to UL 2202 and NEC requirements. One common system currently deployed in the U.S. is the CHAdeMO Quick Charger.

18 Dec 2012
The New Standard for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) - Part II

Following the much-anticipated revision of SAE J1772, the new North American safety standard for plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) and electric vehicle (EV) conductive charge couplers in October 2012...

14 Dec 2012
The New Standard for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) - Part I

The new revision of SAE J1772 provides critical design guidelines for charging controls and connectors used to charge plug-in vehicles...