02 Mar 2021

Best Practices for Manufacturing Fabric Face Masks

New ASTM Standard Establishes Requirements for Non-medical Coverings

17 Nov 2020

Mask Assessments 101

A Guide to Requirements for Face Coverings

06 Oct 2020

Pet Product Safety & Risks

Review of the pet product industry and considerations for manufacturers

30 Jun 2020

Innovation in Packaging

Ensuring safety in the ever-changing food packaging industry

19 May 2020

Overcoming Challenges with Food Age Recommendations for our Youngest Consumers

Is Your Product Safe for The Intended Consumer?

08 May 2020

Food and Packaging

How Hot is Too Hot?

07 Apr 2020

Understanding Foreign Materials in Foods – Part 4

Assessing risk levels as a manufacturer

31 Mar 2020

Understanding Foreign Materials in Foods – Part 3

What are the potential hazards to consumers?

17 Mar 2020

Understanding Foreign Materials in Foods – Part 2

Perceiving safety and risk: Consumers versus manufacturers

10 Mar 2020

Understanding Foreign Materials in Foods – Part 1

What are they and should we be concerned?

25 Feb 2020

The Challenges and Changes of IEC 61010

What Manufacturers Should Know

17 Sep 2019

Safety in Dog Toys

Testing When There's No Regulation

13 Aug 2019

Monitoring Microorganisms in the Oilfield

The Art of Sample Management

11 Jun 2019

UV Protective Children’s Swim Suits Are Now Considered To Be Personal Protective Equipment in Europe

What are the key challenges for manufacturers, distributors and retailers of UV protective clothing?

23 Apr 2019

Celebrating International Safety Day

Are you up for the challenge

21 Aug 2018

Are regulations enough when working with Pressure Equipment?

Large or small, pressure equipment failures cause disaster!

14 Aug 2018

Tiny but vicious - Microorganisms in the oilfield

Why consistent monitoring is key

19 Jun 2018

Managing Water Hardness Offshore

The Importance of Minerals in Water

24 Apr 2018

Clothing That Goes Beyond Fashion

Keeping Consumers Safe from UV Rays

10 Oct 2017

Resting Easy

What You Should Know About Mattress Flammability Testing

25 Jul 2017

Isn't life all about learning?

Too bad I can't remember anything I learned! Keep reading and learn how Intertek's Concept Reinforcement Tool can "reinforce" all the information presented at a training session. Remember, if you don't use it, you lose it. CRT™ is your answer!

26 Apr 2017

Warning! The Effectiveness of Labels on Products May Surprise You

Why manufacturers should incorporate foreseeable use into children's products

20 Dec 2016

Cyber Security in Functional Safety

Protecting Industrial Control Systems

20 Sep 2016

Pet Product Safety

Our Furry Friends Need Protection Too!

23 Aug 2016

Good Manufacturing Practices in the Food Packaging Industry

Addressing the Whole Production Cycle

12 Apr 2016

Button and Coin Cell Batteries

The big concern behind the tiny object

29 Mar 2016

A Change in 'Sit'-uation

How sit/stand workstations are raising questions about compliance

01 Mar 2016

Online Retail, Consumer Product Safety and Your Brand

Advances and increased growth in online sales and the changing landscape of consumer product safety

02 Feb 2016

How to Create Better Products Using Consumer Insights

Using customer preferences to shape product lines

27 Oct 2015

Bringing Hidden Risks of Window Coverings to Light

October is Window Covering Safety Month

18 Jun 2015

Is that Product Safe for My Child to Use?

Gaining insight into the risks and rewards associated with the safety of juvenile products.

15 May 2014

A Closer Look: AHJs and the Need for Third-Party Qualified Personnel

Today, building and electrical codes are more complex than ever. But what does this mean for Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs)?

17 Jul 2012

Two Part Expert Blog Series - Part two: Manager Alignment to Enhance Employee Performance

Michael LeBlanc, a Senior Consultant at Intertek, offers three key suggestions for enhancing occupational performance management