25 Jul 2017

Too bad I can't remember anything I learned! Keep reading and learn how Intertek's Concept Reinforcement Tool can "reinforce" all the information presented at a training session. Remember, if you don't use it, you lose it. CRT™ is your answer!

We've completed our training. Now what?

How many of us have ever attended a great training session that had us engaged, motivated and energized only then to get back into our work routine and within a week's time we have forgotten all that we learned?  Yep, it happens even to the best of us.

But the real reason we create and attend training in the first place is because we need what we've learned to be applied in our workplace.  This transfer of learning and application into the job is how we get the return on our training investments of time, money and resources. How do we keep that newly learned skill or information fresh and usable? 

The answer is simple. We need to keep reinforcing those learned concepts in an easy and systematic way that applies directly to our job.  This reinforcement needs to easily integrate into our already busy work in small increments and have a direct positive impact on our job performance.

Intertek has created a tool called the Concept Reinforcement Tool™ or CRT™, to address these concerns. CRT™ is a web-based application that can be accessed over a network via a computer or a smart phone.  Small monthly modules are customized specifically to match a learning outcome.  Each module can be used to reinforce a concept on an individual basis or by a supervisor to create an interactive platform with their employees.

  • The first component of the module is the Discussion Guide and is intentionally kept to about a page and a half in length.  The intent is to deliver the learning concept all within roughly 15-20 minutes of interaction.  This minimizes disruptions to the employees' work schedules and participants have one week to complete this section of the module.
  • One week later, the second component of the module is delivered; the Call to Action.  The purpose is to now proactively demonstrate specific behaviors that tie directly back to the learning outcome previously reviewed in the Discussion Guide.  Again, the employees have one week to complete this ten-minute section.
  • The final component is the Observation section and is delivered on the third week. If we reviewed the concept in week one, we demonstrated desired behaviors in week two, then we should also see other team members demonstrating the outcomes we have been modeling.  We are now proactively and positively influencing the company culture.  Participants are given two weeks to complete this section thus bringing the total time to complete a module to one month.

With CRT™'s systematic approach employees are able to engage with the content they learned during training so that it is directly applicable on the job and in small enough increments to be consistent and not intrusive.  You take what was learned during a great training event and engrain it into the participants' work.  After all, isn't that why we learn in the first place? 

Intertek's Consulting & Training team is a trusted industry leader that delivers tailored Total Quality Assurance solutions which are customized to our customers' performance needs.

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