26 Dec 2017
Another RoHS?

The UAE Introduces RoHS Certification Requirements

19 Dec 2017
Corrosion, an Issue for the Offshore Wind Industry - Part 2

Cathodic Protection (CP), the use of mathematical models underpinned by bespoke testing

14 Nov 2017
IoT Product Design Considerations

Cyber Security, Functionality and Interoperability

10 Nov 2017
Corrosion, an Issue for the Offshore Wind Industry

Corrosion issues of monopile structures

26 Oct 2017
U.S. and Canadian Requirements for Windows and Doors

What you need to know about performance standards and testing

17 Oct 2017
US EPA's TSCA Risk Evaluation Rule is effective September 18, 2017 - What You Need to Know

Chemical manufacturers, importers, and processors must be prepared to identify current and/or foreseeable uses of in-commerce substances and may be required to perform further testing

10 Oct 2017
Resting Easy

What You Should Know About Mattress Flammability Testing

03 Oct 2017
Look, Up in the Sky! A Drone Series

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing

26 Sep 2017
Where There’s Smoke...

A Look at SDI Variability in ASTM E84 Testing

12 Sep 2017
Sitting Pretty

Assessing Furniture to BIFMA Standards

05 Sep 2017
International Maritime Organisation's Ballast Water Management Convention to Enter into Force...Are you ready?

IMO has delayed the implementation of the ballast water treatment standard (Regulation D-2) for vessels, however requirements such as ballast water exchange standard (Regulation D-1) and a documented BWM plan must be in place by the 8th September 2017.

22 Aug 2017
US EPA publishes the TSCA Prioritization Rule: Substances are to be designated as high-priority or low-priority

Chemical manufacturers, importers, and processors must be prepared to work with the EPA for high-priority substances under new rules.

01 Aug 2017
U.S. EPA issues TSCA Inventory Rest Rule: Substances are designated as 'active' and 'inactive'

Chemical manufacturers, importers, and processors must comply with upcoming reporting deadline or face loss of business

25 Jul 2017
Isn't life all about learning?

Too bad I can't remember anything I learned! Keep reading and learn how Intertek's Concept Reinforcement Tool can "reinforce" all the information presented at a training session. Remember, if you don't use it, you lose it. CRT™ is your answer!

11 Jul 2017
Methylenediphenyl diisocyanates (MDIs) and Methylenediphenyl diamines (MDAs) Substance Grouping Update

Government of Canada's Final Screening Assessment, Proposed Risk Management Approach and Proposed application of the SNAc provisions

28 Jun 2017
How to Negate Risk in the Global Meat Trade

Don't get embroiled in meat scandals

20 Jun 2017
Proposition 65 vs. Processed Food Companies - A New (Costly) Thorn in Your Side

The addition of furfuryl alcohol, a natural by-product of thermal food processing, to the Proposition 65 list will likely result in added litigation risks for food/beverage manufacturers selling products in California.

02 May 2017
Going Wireless? Get Connected

What You Should Know Before Your Next Wireless Product Release

26 Apr 2017
Warning! The Effectiveness of Labels on Products May Surprise You

Why manufacturers should incorporate foreseeable use into children's products

15 Mar 2017
What Industry Should Know About the New Best Practices Guidelines for Probiotics

New industry guidelines will help reduce inconsistency and add clarity for consumers

08 Mar 2017
EDGE Certification: Bringing Gender Equality to the Forefront

Join Intertek in celebrating International Women's Day: March 8th.