02 May 2017

What You Should Know Before Your Next Wireless Product Release

In our increasingly connected world, manufacturers continue to tap into the promise of the Internet of Things (IoT). In fact, during a five-year period, the number of connected things is expected to quadruple. Yet even as manufacturers look to innovate and launch new connected devices, there are several areas to consider. If you are designing and developing wireless products, here are a few areas to review.

Global Considerations. Knowing where you will be launching a new product is critical. Certification, regulation requirements and updates will vary based on the markets you wish to enter. From independent states to trade associations and unions, to different certification schemes, knowing what is required in the markets you wish to enter is essential to launch your wireless device. Additionally, voltage and frequency vary depending on geography. Consider as well whether the market you want to enter is traditional or an emerging market, as this will influence not only legal requirements, but potential consumers.

Certification and regulatory requirements will determine the approach you need to take for gathering information during product development, testing and certification phases. They will also impact regulatory strategy, training, testing needs, marks, radio type and the various approvals needed to enter desired markets. While differences across markets exist and must be accounted for, you may want to consider leveraging data between schemes and regions so you can take a product into more markets upon launch or in the future.

Technology. There are several technological considerations to be made when developing a new product. This includes which networks to use, as well network types; modules and testing; device configuration; and connections. Not only should you consider these factors to optimize your product and user experience, these items will also determine the certification and regulatory requirements for a product. This in turn will impact testing, information gathering, marking options and strategies for successful launches.

Security. With increasing connections and data exchanges among products of all types, there is an ever growing need for user privacy, secure information and overall product integrity. Ensuring the security of a product goes beyond regulations, which continue to be developed, and include: conducting vulnerability assessments, providing the assurance your device isn't the weakest link in a connected environment.  This includes data inspection, security reviews, threat assessments and penetration testing, where potential unsecured transmission points are tested by simulating active breaches and hacks on a product. Regular reviews of strategies, people and governance will also work to keep devices and your users safe and secure.

For a more in-depth look at what you should know before you release your next wireless product, watch our recorded webinar or view the Get Connected Webinar Series in its entirety.