11 Dec 2013
Mixtures, Manufactured Items and Products

Are you making or importing a mixture? Are you sure? Keep reading more as this is the first of a three-part blog series.

09 Dec 2013
A Closer Look: The Importance of Bunker Fuel Quality Testing and its Impact on the Shipping World

Why does the transport of marine fuel samples across the globe for routine analysis provide constant logistical challenges?

05 Dec 2013
Changes Proposed to ENERGY STAR® BCS Products

On November 22, 2013, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued notice stating their intentions of eliminating the ENERGY STAR® specifications for Battery Charging Systems. So, what does this mean for you as a manufacturer?

03 Dec 2013
A Closer Look: Medical Devices Used in the Home

What are the challenges the home environment can present when related to medical devices?

19 Nov 2013
Benchmarking Makes a Brand

Benchmarking is about product performance. A brand that conducts a benchmarking process will be able to determine their products’ performance.

18 Nov 2013
Ensuring Safety and Essential Performance: Medical Devices Used in the Home

Medical devices used for home healthcare are designed to specifically to ensure safety.

01 Nov 2013
Twenty-One levels of “Government” in Product Quality

To understand testing requirements you must first understand who is requiring it.

27 Sep 2013
Crude Oil Assay: What it Means to Refiners

The value of a particular crude to a refiner depends on its quality.

24 Sep 2013
In Focus: Can sunshine melt cars?

Thermal evaluations are conducted on the product in question in order to evaluate risk.

20 Sep 2013
Maximize Efficiency in Safety Testing & Certification of LED Products

Understanding the fundamentals of lighting product safety testing and certification processes is critical.

13 Sep 2013
To Bee or not to Be

The Potential Threat of Neonicotinoid Pesticides on Bee Colonies

06 Sep 2013
Arc Flash Protection Should Be A Priority in the Workplace

Are your employees protected against a potentially lethal arc flash?

23 Jul 2013
Why buy a certified automotive lift?

Why should a manufacturer of automotive lifts certify their product? Because buyers are more likely to prefer it.

12 Jul 2013
Canadian GHS is Coming!

Comment Period Open for Proposed New Hazardous Products Regulations

04 Jul 2013
Significant New Activity Notice Issued for 52 Substances in Canada

Are You Affected by any of the 52 substances identified by the Canadian Government in this SNAc notice? Keep reading.

17 Jun 2013
South Korea Launches K-REACH

What should Manufacturers, importers and sellers of new or existing chemical substances into South Korea should be aware of today?

14 Jun 2013
Product Safety Isn't a Choice… Or is it?

Gaining proof of product safety is important, but so is getting innovative products quickly into the hands of people who save lives. How do manufacturers balance the two?

11 Jun 2013
Safer Products & the Competitive Code Evaluation Market

Increased competition in the code evaluations market is good news for manufacturers, but can it actually lead to safer products for consumers as well?

05 Jun 2013
Safer Products Save Lives™

June is “National Safety Month”, but what is product safety and who is responsible for it?

29 May 2013
What is a Medical Device?

The role of medical devices in healthcare is essential; however, defining what constitutes a medical device is not always as clear cut as it may seem.

13 May 2013
Mixing, Blending and Formulating: Salt does happen!

Remember to keep an eye out for ingredient interactions that might produce a new substance right there in the vat.

06 May 2013
Update: Publication of the Revised In-Commerce List

On May 3, 2013, the results of the nomination process were published on the Government of Canada's website. Learn how this could affect you and the industry.

03 May 2013
A Closer Look at 61010-1, Third Edition Changes

Products being sold into the EU must comply with the 3rd edition of CENELEC EN 61010-1 by October 2013.

26 Apr 2013
The Manufacturer's Checklist: The Sale of Medical Devices into the European Union

In reality, is RoHS 2 truly enforceable and what do manufacturers need to know? Keep reading in today’s expert blog post.

24 Apr 2013
What You Should Know: Medical Device Manufacturer's Responsibility and RoHS 2

Did you know RoHS 2 is a CE mark directive? Learn more in today’s blog.

22 Apr 2013
A Closer Look at How the European Directive RoHS2 Impacts the Medical Device Industry

As a manufacturer of electromedical equipment, you have just over a year left to comply with RoHS 2 directive.

15 Apr 2013
A Closer Look: Techniques for Obtaining Glass Transition Temperature of Polymeric Materials

There are several testing techniques to choose from when measuring glass transition temperature. But how do you know which one is best for you?

02 Apr 2013
National Pollutant Releases Inventory Reporting Notice Issued by Environment Canada

The National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) notice for 2012 and 2013 was issued by Environment Canada in the Canada Gazette late last year. Learn more about this notice and what it could mean for you.

29 Mar 2013
A Closer Look at Composite Compression Test Methods

With the different compression test methods for composite compression testing, have you ever wondered which one is the best for your specific application?

20 Mar 2013
Global Growth in the Lithium-ion Battery Industry: Investigating the Opportunity in Argentina

The lithium-ion battery industry is predicted to reach $22.5 billion in 2016, according to recent report

13 Mar 2013
VOC Regulations in Canada are Changing

Environment Canada recently announced that the Canadian regulations regarding volatile organic compounds (VOCs) will be amended.

22 Feb 2013
Deadline Approaching: Washington State Children’s Safe Products Act Reporting

Another important date this month is Feb. 28th, which marks the second deadline for Washington State's Children's Safe Products Act (CSPA) Reporting rule, which applies to certain children's products.

15 Feb 2013
Certification to UL 2202 - Part II

An EV battery charger is typically AC in/DC out, and provides charging voltage directly to the vehicle battery. These systems are typically used to provide higher power levels and thereby faster charging than the onboard chargers.

14 Feb 2013
Certification to UL 2202 - Part I

There are several design types or protocols for DC chargers, all of which can be tested and listed according to UL 2202 and NEC requirements. One common system currently deployed in the U.S. is the CHAdeMO Quick Charger.

11 Feb 2013
CPSC Testing and Certification Rule

Feb. 8, 2013 marked an important date for U.S. domestic manufacturers and importers of children’s products.

30 Jan 2013
What are the New Pitfalls & Quality Assurance for Biofuels Today? (Part II)

Advanced bio components such as hydrotreated refined & Fisher Tropsch refined diesel are now entering the market.

29 Jan 2013
What are the New Pitfalls & Quality Assurance for Biofuels Today? (Part I)

Today, the biofuels global market is a complex business. But why? Several factors affecting this market range from different biomass resources to various supply systems...

04 Jan 2013
A Closer Look: Electrical Safety for 2013 - Part II

Learn more about the top electrical safety tips for 2013. In this follow up blog, you will learn more about some common warning signs that signify electrical safety hazards.

19 Aug 2013
Non-Standardized Testing In a Highly-Standardized Industry

How can non-standardized testing have a role in the Solar/PV industry?