04 Jul 2013

Are You Affected by any of the 52 substances identified by the Canadian Government in this SNAc notice? Keep reading.

On May 22, 2013, a Significant New Activity (SNAc) notice was published in the Canada Gazette that identified 52 substances known to the Canadian Government to be high hazard substances. Environment and Health Canada initiated a data-collection survey in 2006 (and 2009) to determine where those substances of interest were being used in Canada, and in what quantities. The survey results showed that none of the substances were being used at quantities >100 kg/yr. Since industry information is indicating that the substances are no longer broadly used in the Canadian market, no specific risk management control actions are being taken at this time.  However, the Government of Canada will need to do a thorough assessment should there be an increase in the level of import/manufacture of these substances and have thus published the associated SNAc notice. The SNAc notice states that anyone having involvement with these substances at quantities >100 kg/yr in Canada (whether on their own, in a mixture or in a product) must inform Environment Canada of their activities before bringing the material into Canada for any purpose other than i) for use as a drug; ii) for use as a component of a drug, or iii) for use in the manufacture of a drug - anything else would be considered Significant New Activities.

The SNAc notice requires that anyone having involvement with any of the 52 substances at greater than the trigger quantity of 100 kg/yr provide Environment Canada with use information, import quantities, sites of use, physical-chemical, toxicological and ecotoxicological data on the substance, as well as administrative information on the person or company proposing the Significant New Activity.

How does this affect your business?

If your business has involvement, or plans to have involvement, with any of the 52 substances identified by the Canadian Government in this SNAc notice, it is imperative that any activities stay below the volume threshold of 100 kg/yr until such time as you have provided the aforementioned information to Environment Canada and had it successfully assessed and given a "green light" for your intended activity.

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