Canadian New Substances Notification (NSN) Regulations Services

Intertek can help successfully guide your new chemicals through the Canada’s chemical notification process, using our extensive regulatory and scientific expertise.

Canada’s chemical notification process is a tiered system requiring subsequent notifications as the annual amount of the imported or manufactured substance increases. Government evaluators then determine whether the substance poses an unreasonable risk to the environment and human health.

Once the highest level notification has been submitted to the Canadian government, the assessment period has expired and the notifier must send the government a subsequent notice indicating that the notifier has manufactured or imported the substance. Then the substance will be eligible for an addition to the Domestic Substances List (DSL) provided that no notifier-specific conditions on the import or manufacture of the substance have been imposed as a result of the assessment process.

Canadian New Substances Notification Services
Intertek offers the following chemical notification-related services to the producers, suppliers and users of industrial, commercial and consumer chemicals:

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