18 Nov 2014

A happy holiday season is one that begins and ends with everyone's safety.

as the holidays approach this year, there is more and more to do—cooking, cleaning, and shopping, get-togethers to attend and guests to prepare for. however, in this holiday rush of getting things done while also taking time to celebrate the season, it is incredibly important to keep safety in mind, as well.

from the electrical toys bought as gifts to the luminous lighted yard santa and snowmen decorations to the kitchen equipment used to prepare meals, the potential for hazards is nearly ever present. but ensuring the safety of your family and friends doesn't have to be a daunting task this holiday season—you can just look for the etl mark.

the etl mark offers assured proof that a product has been independently tested and meets the safety standards put in place to address its product type. increasingly recognized by retailers and consumers, the etl mark is a way for manufacturers to show their dedication to bringing the safest products to their customers this season.

intertek's etl mark began in thomas edison's lighting laboratories, and the invention of electricity has helped illuminate the holidays since the late 1800s. from cheerily lit yard decorations to in-home holiday displays and spotlighted scenes, decorations help us get into the festive mood of the season, and the etl mark on any of these qualifying products helps ensure their safety. by checking for the etl mark on your yard and in-home holiday decorations, you can help put your mind at ease.

for another aspect of the holidays, the university of illinois estimates that 46 million turkeys are cooked each thanksgiving, and a vast majority of those turkeys will be roasted in an oven. with family and friends often gathered in homes that are working on overdrive to churn out all the food needed to feed everyone, the last thing you want to worry about are your appliances' safety. the etl mark can be applied to qualifying ovens, refrigerators, food processors, blenders, crockpots, toasters, dishwashers, coffee makers, washers and dryers, freezers and more, and having the etl mark on your appliances means just one more component of dinner that you don't have to fret over.

and, of course, the holidays also often means the exchange of gifts with family and friends. you want to be sure the gifts you are giving are reliably safe. from train sets that travel in loops around the base of a christmas tree to video game consoles that utilize motion capture and everything in between, the electric-powered presents you are distributing this holidays season should bear the etl mark in order to help promote a happy, easy, safe, and stress-free holiday season.

happy holidays!

please share with us ways in which you help to ensure the safety of yourself, friends and family during the holiday season.

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