29 Oct 2019

IEC 62841 Compliance for Global Market Access

IEC 62841 deals with the safety of electric, motor-operated, or magnetically driven tools, with provisions for: hand-held tools, transportable tools and lawn and garden machinery. It replaces previous IEC standards for certain product categories and a harmonized version now supersedes previous versions in the US, EU and Canada. Deadlines for this newly harmonized standard are beginning to roll out with various deadlines starting in 2019 and continuing through to 2022.

There are new technical requirements in IEC 62841 that may require manufacturers to significantly alter the design of power tool products. Changes to the standard are based on the current type of the product, whether alternating (AC) or direct (DC). AC products are subject to changes related to heating and electric strength tests. DC products are subject to changes related to battery management systems, which include normal and abnormal charging tests for lithium-ion systems and short circuit testing under extreme imbalance for lithium-ion batteries. Both product types have requirements related to adhesive backing of marking labels and electronic circuits providing critical safety functions.

Deadlines for manufacturers to comply with the newly harmonized standard vary based on product type and generally are as follows:

With multiple deadlines impacting power tools in markets across the globe, it is important to understand the requirements and changes, as well as deadlines.  For more insights on the new requirements and deadlines, visit our Power Tools web page or download our complimentary fact sheet.


Michael Shen,
Manager of Power Tools and Machinery


Michael has more than 17 years of experience testing and certifying power tools for global markets, and represents Intertek on the Standards Technical Panel (STP) for both UL 745 and UL 62841, working to develop and maintain these important standards for the marketplace.


Eric Reyes,
Appliances and Electronics,
Medical Devices Business Line Leader


Eric Reyes is responsible for the strategic direction and growth of Intertek’s Appliances and Electronics and Medical Devices divisions. He has been instrumental in developing medical, electric vehicle, and battery testing businesses in Asia. Previously, he worked at an electronics contract manufacturer providing services for major telecommunications customers. Eric attended California State University in San Francisco, earning his Bachelor’s Degree in International Business; followed by an MBA from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver.