15 Aug 2011

This blog has focused on U.S. and Canada requirements for medical devices. But what about other, emerging markets? Over the next few weeks, this blog will explore the specifics about how to ensure a medical device is market ready for Brazil.

Currently, Brazil is the eight largest medical equipment market manufacturer. But why and how? Brazil has experienced a rapid and steady growth in-home care services over the last few years. This growth continues to rise, representing an opportunity for U.S. exporters.

Particularly in demand are medical equipment and devices that are capable of offering around-the-clock in-home services, including in-home ICUs, laboratory exam devices, business management software, and sophisticated databases to control patient treatment. This particular expansion and increased focus will help drive the standardization of procedures for at home health treatment. New opportunities for US exporters could include:

  • More advanced medical equipment
  • Disposables
  • Diagnostic devices
  • Implants and components

But what are the best ways to register a medical device that can be sold in this market? What are the standards required by Brazil? This blog will take a closer look at this topic over the next few weeks and help answer these questions.

To learn more and or to speak with an Intertek expert on this subject matter, e-mail us at askmedical@intertek.com or visit intertek.com/medical.

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