18 Dec 2018

Preparing for ROHS 2019 Compliance (Part 1 - Sourcing)

Changes to Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Effective 22 July 2019

13 Dec 2018

Assurance In Action: Episode 17

Accredited vs. Unaccredited: What is the Difference?

11 Dec 2018

Trade with emerging markets

Compliance Lapses in Emerging Markets Can Affect Company's Reputation and Bottom Line

07 Dec 2018

G Mark Requirements for Electronics Imported to the Gulf Member States

What Manufacturers Should Know as We Approach the New Year

04 Dec 2018

European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EUETS) Analysis

How to manage your obligations

29 Nov 2018

Assurance In Action: Episode 16

How to manage your obligations

27 Nov 2018

Exploring the Food eCommerce Industry

Uncovering challenges, regulations and trends in this rising industry

20 Nov 2018

The Keys to Success

Outsourcing Stability Studies to Contract Laboratories

15 Nov 2018

Assurance In Action: Episode 15

Good Manufacturing Practices for Maintenance in the Food Industry with Patricia Atherton

06 Nov 2018

Measuring High- and Low-Density Content in Polyethylene Blends

How to Determine the Amount of PE Grade in a Given Product

01 Nov 2018

Assurance In Action: Episode 14

Supplier Verification Program Spotlight: WRAP (Live at Ethical Sourcing Forum, Bentonville, AR)

30 Oct 2018

Bioanalysis and Immunogenicity Series - Volume 4

Biosimilar Pharmacokinetic and Immunogenicity Method Development and Validation

23 Oct 2018

10 Tips to Fail Well

Steps to Increase the Probability of Having a Successful Failure Analysis

18 Oct 2018

Assurance In Action: Episode 13

Food Fraud and Defense

16 Oct 2018

Ingrid for Power Plants

The market's largest database for Power Plant Cycling Operations

09 Oct 2018

Integrating Flammable Refrigerants in Commercial Refrigeration and HVACR Products

The market's largest database for Power Plant Cycling Operations

04 Oct 2018

Assurance In Action: Episode 12

Assuring Security in the Supply Chain

02 Oct 2018

U.S. EPA implements new User Fees for the administration of the TSCA

Changes in the adjustments of fees will begin fiscal year 2019 (effective October 1, 2018 through September 30, 2019)

25 Sep 2018

Bioanalysis and Immunogenicity Series - Volume 3

Technologies for Measurement: A Case Study

20 Sep 2018

Assurance in Action: Episode 11

ISO Insights: ISO 37001

18 Sep 2018

Performance of Engine Oils in the Presence of Biodiesel Fuel

CEC L-109 – a new industry requirement

11 Sep 2018

Hazards and Safety Requirements of Internet of Things (IoT)

A high-level summary of standards on the horizon for the connected world

06 Sep 2018

Assurance In Action: Episode 10

Supplier Verification Spotlight: amfori (Live from Ethical Sourcing Forum in Bentonville, AR)

04 Sep 2018

Bioanalysis and Immunogenicity Series - Volume 2

Using Innovative and Non-Conventional Techniques to Address Bioanalytical Challenges

28 Aug 2018

Regulatory Update on K-REACH 2018 Revision

New Implementation Rules Have Been Released: Existing Substance Pre-Reporting deadline is 30 June 2019

23 Aug 2018

Assurance in Action: Episode 9

ISO Insights: ISO/IEC 27001 & Cyber Security

21 Aug 2018

Are regulations enough when working with Pressure Equipment?

Large or small, pressure equipment failures cause disaster!

14 Aug 2018

Tiny but vicious - Microorganisms in the oilfield

Why consistent monitoring is key

09 Aug 2018

Assurance in Action: Episode 8

Creating Business Improvements Through Gender Equality Certification

07 Aug 2018

Bioanalysis and Immunogenicity Series - Volume 1

FDA Expectations Regarding Immunogenicity Testing

31 Jul 2018

California Proposition 65 “Soft Targets” Beware

Retailers and Manufacturers must act now to meet August 30 Deadline

26 Jul 2018

Assurance in Action: Episode 7

ISO Insights: ISO 45001 Migration

24 Jul 2018

Phthalates: What You Need to Know

Upcoming Changes to the EU RoHS Directive

17 Jul 2018

Polymer Blog Series: Why perform rheology testing for polymers?

Optimising polymer product performance through in-depth understanding of the rheological properties

12 Jul 2018

Assurance in Action: Episode 6

Supplier Verification Spotlight – SEDEX Global Live At Ethical Sourcing Forum, Bentonville, AR

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10 Jul 2018

Bidding Into the Energy Imbalance Market

Intertek Asset Integrity Management Engineering Services provides key generator resource data for units bidding into the Energy Imbalance Market

03 Jul 2018

Navigating IEC 62133 for Batteries

Which Version is Right for You?

28 Jun 2018

Assurance in Action: Episode 5

Modern Slavery - Emerging Social Compliance Issues

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26 Jun 2018

New US EPA On-Line E-Manifesting System for Hazardous Wastes

What You Need to Know About the New Procedure

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19 Jun 2018

Managing Water Hardness Offshore

The Importance of Minerals in Water

14 Jun 2018

Assurance In Action: Episode 4

Accreditation - Making the World a Safer Place

12 Jun 2018

Do You Know You Know or Think You Know?

Meet the BEVL Method

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05 Jun 2018

Transitioning to New HVAC Safety Standards

Ensuring Compliance with UL 60335-2-40

31 May 2018

Assurance In Action: Episode 3

Tackling Modern Slavery Today

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29 May 2018


What You Should Know About the EU's Gas Appliance Regulation

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22 May 2018

Sustainability Messaging

Intertek Explores the Approach For Effective Communication

17 May 2018

Assurance In Action: Episode 2

Assuring Environmental Sustainability

03 May 2018

Introducing Assurance In Action

Business Assurance's bi-weekly podcast where experts discuss trending issues in assurance and compliance

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01 May 2018

Interactive Coastal Investigations WebGIS

Intertek develops an innovative webGIS solution

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24 Apr 2018

Clothing That Goes Beyond Fashion

Keeping Consumers Safe from UV Rays

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17 Apr 2018

Wind Turbine Failure Mechanisms and Condition Assessment Techniques

How to maintain the system while avoiding costly shutdowns and repairs

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10 Apr 2018

Identification and Quantification of Volatile Organic Compounds in Food Contact Materials

Ensuring the safety of polymers used in food contact materials

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03 Apr 2018

Corrosion, an Issue for the Offshore Wind Industry - Part 3

Cathodic Protection (CP) - Installation Issues

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30 Mar 2018

Changes to China RoHS Catalog Have Been Published

Compliance is mandatory for electrical and electronic products being sold into China

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27 Mar 2018

ECHA's Warning Message to Chemical Industry

Companies must review quality of chemical data under REACH

20 Mar 2018

Revisiting ENERGY STAR® Lamps (Light Bulbs) Specification

Testing and Certification Under Version 2.1

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13 Mar 2018

Safety vs. Connectivity

Integration Considerations for Auto Manufacturers

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06 Mar 2018

Fuel Cell Technologies - An External Supply of Chemical Energy

Generating Electricity from an Electrochemical Reaction

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27 Feb 2018

196 Permitted Food Additives Under Review for Deletion in Japan

Manufacturers must respond to Japanese authorities to keep additives on the list

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20 Feb 2018

California Revises Proposition 65 Warning Requirements

New Regulations Become Operative on August 30, 2018

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06 Feb 2018

2018 the Year of Increased EU REACH Enforcement

EU Manufacturers and Retailers Must Comply with Regulatory Requirements

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30 Jan 2018

A brief look back at the U.S. EPA activities in 2017

Chemical manufacturers, importers, and processors must be aware of the activities of 2017 to be prepared for the 2018 changes or face loss of business