28 Jun 2018

Modern Slavery - Emerging Social Compliance Issues

Episode #5

Emerging Social Compliance Issues with Jenna Pires, Senior Manager for Products & Services at Intertek Supplier Management.

During this week's episode of Assurance in Action, Seth Martin-Wick chats with Jenna Pires about social compliance concerns from a brand, retailer, supplier, and manufacturer perspective. Jenna is responsible for the strategic innovation of new products & services for Intertek Supplier Management and is currently managing the development of Intertek's base auditing and supplier management technology solutions. Therefore, assisting organisations with gaining insight into their supply chain and compliance programs.

The biggest concern within the industry, amongst others, is modern slavery of migrant workers who are forced to extreme labour conditions. Jenna goes into further detail of social compliance issues in an organisation's supply chain, even those relating to non-social issues such as; land rights, protection of personal information, and contributions towards the United Nations sustainability goals.

With increasing pressure on a global scale from companies, media, and consumers, other countries around the globe are making legislative and national initiatives towards establishing auditing solutions in order to combat human rights violations and environmental impacts. Jenna discusses how Intertek has taken action on how companies are able to combat forced labour within their supply chain or increase awareness thus providing transparencies to social compliance issues. Take a deeper dive into social compliance issues within supply chains with Jenna Pires by listening to this week's Assurance in Action podcast!

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This podcast is a production of the Intertek Business Assurance Global Marketing team.

The Business Assurance group of Intertek provides a full range of business process audit and support services, including accredited third-party management systems auditing and certification, second-party supplier auditing, sustainability data verification, process performance analysis, and IRCA-registered auditor training.  Our global network of expert auditors works with our clients to help them improve operations, meet regulatory requirements, reduce environmental impact, and achieve business objectives.

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