13 Dec 2022
Connected Vehicle Cybersecurity Threats: Part 1

A look at what to expect in connected vehicle trends for 2023

06 Dec 2022
Breaking Down the Florida Administrative Code & Florida Administrative Register

A look into the who, what, why, and where of the Florida building code and building product safety

29 Nov 2022
Transport Layer Security: What Stakeholders Need to Know about Communication Security

Transport Layer Securities are designed to provide security at the transport layer to prevent third parties from eavesdropping or tampering with messages

22 Nov 2022
Will Your Building Products and Materials Weather the Storm of Environmental Exposure?

Accelerated weathering testing is used to simulate the effects of prolonged exposure to the elements on material performance and durability

08 Nov 2022
CE Marks the Spot: Selling Construction Products in the EU

Learn about when a CE mark is required, when it's not, and exceptions to the rule

03 Nov 2022
Assuring the Quality of your Upstream Supplier Data in Value Chain (Scope 3) Emissions

Is the complexity of your supply chain and the lack of visibility in its data quality crippling your net zero ambitions?

25 Oct 2022
Managing Risk through Quality Control Field Testing

Field testing is fundamental in the building and construction industry to ensure safe and compliant project installations

20 Oct 2022
Why Product Certification Could Boost Your Sales

Learn how product certification plays an integral role in the success of your building products

18 Oct 2022
EFSA’s Statement on the Safety of Cannabidiol as a Novel Food

Data Gaps and How to Fill Them

13 Oct 2022
“REACH”-ing for Answers

How Intertek can support you and your supply chain in navigating Turkish REACH

11 Oct 2022
Meet Taj, Operations Manager, UK Softlines

Find out more about Taj's successful transition from lab to operations, and how Intertek has supported her career development.

06 Oct 2022
How to Continually Improve Your Food Safety Management System

In an ever-changing world, establishing and maintaining a food safety programme is not enough. Every organisation must strive for continual improvement to stay compliant, relevant, and successful

04 Oct 2022
Keeping IoT Consumer Products Safe from Cyber Threats

5 key areas of cybersecurity to focus on when developing and manufacturing secure connected consumer products

27 Sep 2022
See “EU” Later!

How Intertek can support you and your supply chain in navigating UK REACH post-Brexit

20 Sep 2022
Cybersecurity Trends in the Manufacturing Industry

Top 5 cybersecurity vulnerabilities and how to prevent cybercrime. Learn about recent trends so you can safeguard your systems and devices

15 Sep 2022
Your India REACH Superhero: The Authorized Representative

How Intertek can support you and your supply chain in navigating India REACH

13 Sep 2022
Driving compliance and transparency in pharma supply chains

Why the alignment of audit scope with the correct industry standard is important

06 Sep 2022
Window & Door Testing 101

A Guide to Assessment

30 Aug 2022
Pyrrolizidine alkaloids: What food businesses need to know

In light of new European legislation coming into force for pyrrolizidine alkaloids, we sat down with Joanne Hubbard and Patrick McNamara, Technical Specialist Managers for the UK and Global markets at Intertek, to discuss these natural contaminants

25 Aug 2022
The regulatory landscape in Latin America is changing fast!

Las Regulaciones Químicas de América Latina Están Cambiando Rápidamente, Muy Rápido

23 Aug 2022
The Danger of Administrator Password Reuse

Don't let password fatigue lead you to sacrifice security for convenience

09 Aug 2022
Manufactured Items – The times they are a-changing!

Are any of your substances intended to be released from a manufactured item?

04 Aug 2022
Incorporating Fire Testing into Building Codes

Learn why fire safety standards were developed to help ensure life safety and protection of property

28 Jul 2022
Is Your Product a Microbial Consortium or a Mixture of Strains?

Knowing can clarify your path to regulatory compliance

19 Jul 2022
FDA Guidance for Medical Device Cybersecurity: What Manufacturers Need to Know

The importance of identifying vulnerabilities and controlling risk to demonstrate product safety and effectiveness

12 Jul 2022
Substances in Products Regulated Under Canada’s Food and Drugs Act

Are you subject to the New Substances Notification Regulations?

30 Jun 2022
Did you know that the transition period for exemptions under NICNAS expires 31 August 2022?

Importers and manufacturers will soon need to categorize their industrial chemicals into one of the introduction categories set out under AICIS

28 Jun 2022
The Importance of Hurricane Standards in Building Codes

How building codes evolved to address hurricane impact hazards and where we are today

21 Jun 2022
Common Criteria and the EU Cybersecurity Act

The European Union (EU) is pacing up the efforts to keep its citizens safe

16 Jun 2022
Building Products Testing: Six Things You Should Know to Ensure Your Product Fits its Purpose

Product testing is all about ensuring buildings are safe places

14 Jun 2022
Pesticide Device Regulation in Canada - Update

Regulatory Amendment for UV-Emitting and Ozone-Generating Devices

07 Jun 2022
Automotive design considerations for global market access

How to maximise product performance and minimise time to market

31 May 2022
In the hot seat: Acrylamide-related changes to California Proposition 65 Regulations for foods that undergo cooking or heat processing

Injunction for acrylamide-related lawsuits upheld and new proposed warnings labels for acrylamide in food

24 May 2022
Reducing GHG Emissions in the Built Environment

Learn about the building- and material-focused strategies used to lower operational and embodied GHG production

17 May 2022
ETSI Extends Consumer IoT Device Standard to Home Gateways with ETSI EN 303 645

The ETSI EN 303 645 European cybersecurity standard was developed to ensure consumer IoT devices are protected from cybersecurity threats

10 May 2022
Biochemical New Substance Notifications: Schedule 2

What Does it Mean for You?

03 May 2022
Building for Occupant Health and Wellbeing

An overview of healthy building and its role in improving indoor air quality

19 Apr 2022
Single Sign-On Technology: Friend or Foe?

Single sign-on authentication technology offers numerous benefits and conveniences, but proper implementation is required to enhance security

12 Apr 2022
Providing Safe and Functional Shelter from Severe Weather Events

An overview of the standards and guidance that exist to ensure areas of refuge keep occupants safe during hurricanes and tornadoes

05 Apr 2022
Update: Biocides: Access to the Market in Great Britain

Key Information Following Brexit

29 Mar 2022
Update: Health Canada’s Revised In Commerce List

Have your substances been removed from the Revised In Commerce List?

22 Mar 2022
STC Ratings: Six Things You Never Knew

It's important to understand the nuances of sound transmission class ratings and how they relate to real-world noise control options

08 Mar 2022
Women in Engineering

Celebrating International Women's Day with Intertek automotive engineers, Megan and Giulia

01 Mar 2022
Ensuring Secure Processing of Payment Transactions

Industry stakeholders are leading the effort to develop standards to enhance global payment account data security

22 Feb 2022
Key Things to Consider for Acoustic Quality and Comfort

Prioritizing acoustics is important when creating and maintaining sustainable, high-performance buildings

17 Feb 2022
A Look to the Future of Formula E Racing

How Formula E teams can extract maximum performance from their powertrains under the new regulations

15 Feb 2022
Plastic Composite Decking Safety and Performance Requirements

Overview of U.S. building codes and standards

01 Feb 2022
Specifications for Automotive Cybersecurity: Part 2

Threats and mitigations to consider

25 Jan 2022
Pandemic Risk Management Tools for Cruise Lines

The spread of the Omicron variant among fully vaccinated passengers demonstrates the need for additional pandemic risk management tools for the cruise lines.

18 Jan 2022
Specifications for Automotive Cybersecurity: Part 1

Cybersecurity management system requirements