20 Oct 2022

Implementation of Gulf Standard GSO 1943:2021

The GCC Standardization Organisation (GSO) released last year Gulf Standard GSO 1943:2021, which relates to the import of Cosmetics and Personal Care products, to replace GSO 1943:2016. For the UAE, the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, MoIAT has confirmed that this new Standard is now applicable.

Exporters and Importers trading in Cosmetics and Personal Care Products destined for the UAE market need to comply with this latest updated standard to clear their goods at the UAE Customs upon their arrival.

This GSO Standard refers to using the European Regulation EC 1223:2009 and its subsequent updates. This means that the lists of prohibited ingredients, UV filters, preservatives, and colorants are the same as stated in the European regulation. The list of restricted components is also the same, except 4 ingredients that are additionally added in GSO 1943:2021. The marking requirements have also been updated.

Our teams can help you understand the changes linked to this standard update, and ensure your products comply with these new requirements.

Intertek International Ltd. –Dubai Branch is a Notified Body of MoIAT that is approved to provide Certification services for Cosmetics and Personal Care Products in accordance with the UAE certification scheme, the applicable UAE regulations and the UAE standard requirements for quality and safety.

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