12 Oct 2023

Exporting/Importing to Egypt: Important Regulatory Update on Egyptian Standards

Manufacturers and Exporters of regulated products to Egypt are hereby informed regarding Decree No. 196 and 197 published by the Egyptian Ministry of Trade and Industry concerning publishing/withdrawal of Standards. The details are summarized below:

Decree 196/2023:

  • New Standards related to Electric cables, Energy Efficiency for Lamps have been published
  • Standards related to Toys and Energy Efficiency for Lamps and Luminaires have been withdrawn
  • Enforcement date is 6th January 2024

Decree 197/2023: 

  • New Standards related to Textiles, Electric cables, Toys, Locks, Safety and Energy Efficiency for certain Household appliances have been published
  • Enforcement dates are 6th January 2024 and 6th July 2024

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