Rapid shipment certification through Product Registration – Intertek’s customized global solution that gets trade moving faster.

 What is Fast-Tek global trade solution?

Intertek’s new innovation Fast-Tek is a customised global trade solution that provides expedited certification to get trade moving faster. Not only does Fast-Tek provide high speed certification of shipments, but it offers an enhanced TQA customer experience and a ‘one stop shop’ for all applicable Conformity Assessment Programmes, streamlining your administrative processes and minimizing complexity.

How does Fast-Tek work?

To achieve faster certification with Fast-Tek, Intertek will assist you with registration of your products. During this process, we will conduct a thorough assessment of these products, including review of relevant test reports and other documentation.

This means that for subsequent shipments of pre-registered goods, we are able to expedite the inspection and certification process, without compromising compliance or quality. We will work closely with you during registration to ensure the processes is optimised and as efficient as possible.

What are the benefits of Fast-Tek?

The benefits of Fast-Tek include: 


  • One stop certification: Fast-Tek certification can cover all Intertek’s eligible Conformity Assessment Programmes. 
  • Rapid certification: By collecting information about the products you ship during registration, Intertek can certify subsequent shipments more effectively and efficiently. This enables you to get your goods moving through supply chains more quickly.
  • In house laboratories/inspectors: Intertek is able to leverage its in-house labs and inspectors to support you with Fast-Tek registration.
  • Centralised management: Intertek will provide you with dedicated customer service support for all your needs.
  • Streamlined processes: Fast-Tek utilises Intertek’s client portal, allowing you to view and manage all your export certificates through one central system, providing greater control and transparency of your supply chain.
  • Fewer inspections: Registration through Fast-Tek reduces the number of conformity assessment inspections that need to be performed while ensuring that you receive a high quality of service. Where inspections are required, Intertek will leverage Inview, our remote inspection solution which helps to achieve faster turnaround time.
  • Lower levels of testing: Fast-Tek streamlines the testing process, reducing frequency of testing.
  • Reduced overheads: At its core, Fast-Tek is a service that seeks to optimise your certification process. This can help to reduce the administrative burden (and associated costs) of certification for your business.

Through Fast-Tek Intertek brings you a technological innovation providing you with a  better and more efficient service, getting trade moving faster.


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