GTS Remote Inspection with Inview

Minimise disruption to your trade business with our Inview remote inspection solution

With the unprecedented spread of Covid-19, governments and businesses around the world have taken steps to contain and delay the spread through quarantines and other restrictions. This includes some of our customers who have implemented policies to restrict the access of third parties to their premises.

Recognising the importance of these protective measures to the health and safety of our customers’ personnel and their families, and to that of our own inspectors who may be required to visit those premises, Intertek’s Inview solution is available so that there can be minimal disruption to business as usual.

Inview enables quality control and quality assurance activities to continue, so that continuity of international trade can be maintained without compromising on safety and quality. Inview connects you remotely with Intertek’s extensive network of technical inspection experts via live video, using a regular smart phone or other smart device. This allows us to arrange inspections of your shipments without the physical presence of an inspector on site.

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