Avoid system failures and limit warranty claims through comprehensive Materials Compatibility Testing

Whether you manufacture HVACR systems or one of its components, chemical compatibility testing can help you document the reliability of your product. Partner with Intertek to validate the chemical stability of your products, reduce your time to market and gain faster market acceptance.

Our trained chemists will be able to suggest components that are experiencing an unfavorable chemical reaction. Our staff is always available to offer guidance, explain test results, discuss maintenance histories, or suggest corrective actions.  A wealth of data is available to you when you partner with Intertek, and by using materials compatibility testing your product will be designed to anticipate the best possible combinations of construction materials

Testing Standards

  • ASHRAE 97 and 99 – Sealed Glass Tube Method to Test the Chemical Stability of Material for Use within Refrigeration Systems
  • SAE 2297 – Ultraviolet Leak Detection: Stability and Compatibility Criteria of Fluorescent Refrigerant Leak Detection Dyes for Mobile R-134a Air-Conditioning Systems
  • SAE - Stability and Compatibility Criteria for Additives Intended For Use in Vehicle Air-Conditioning Systems Using R-134a
  • UL 984 – Hermetic Refrigerant Motor-Compressors

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