Demonstrate your commitment to Quality for your HVACR equipment

A lot happens in a product’s lifecycle: The more you master the product lifecycle the better your product and greater your marketing success. Performance testing gives you the knowledge you need to gain unprecedented levels of control. From design engineering/evaluation to prototype testing/validation to final product comparison/ benchmark testing, Intertek offers independent, unbiased, third-party performance testing - efficiently and cost-effectively anywhere and everywhere in a product’s lifecycle.

Intertek’s comparison and benchmark testing can help you make critical choices between designs, choose the right supplier, select materials or determine whether your product is better or more durable than the competition. With testing labs all over the world and over six decades of experience in the HVACR industry, Intertek is your complete one-source performance testing company.

  • Reduce warranty costs: Performance testing not only proves your product, it helps you forecast warranty costs. This, in turn, allows you to more precisely plan for warranty expenses.
  • Ensure quality while reducing costs: Performance testing can reduce costs and help you retain quality. You can also verify your supply chain by testing and comparing multiple components.
  • Build brand trust and loyalty: When you test your product’s marketing claims, you have independent, third-party, laboratory proof that your claims are much more than promises. You have compelling proof to show the market.

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