Meet the latest requirements for HVACR Energy Efficiency

Whether you are looking to determine energy consumption for your HVACR products or require R&D assistance in your product development process, Intertek has the expertise, accreditations and capabilities to help your products gain a competitive edge.

As the testing industry leader for HVACR equipment, Intertek has partnered with leading industry organizations to certify that HVACR equipment meets the performance claims of the manufacturers and required Energy Efficiency standards. With a large scope of capabilities, Intertek can customize testing for any HVACR unit, regardless of design.

  • Intertek offers Energy Efficiency Testing for markets in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, including, EnergyGuide Label, AHRI, California Energy Commission (CEC), Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN), LEED, China Energy Label, Green Mark, HK EELS, Singapore Green Label, ErP Directive, Eco-Label, and more.

  • Our testing facilities consist of psychrometric chambers for SEER and HSPF ratings, as well as chambers for testing Multi-Split Air Conditioning & Heating Equipment to the AHRI 1230 Standard. The chambers range in capacity to test units from 1 to 65 tons. Each chamber is equipped with data acquisition systems, computer controlled environmental systems and experienced staff.

  • We can assist you with product development to reach energy efficiency regulations. Our round-the-clock facilities are a reliable resource for your R&D design work and for bringing your existing products up to the new efficiencies. Our staff is fully trained on the installation and optimization of all HVACR system components
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