28 Sep 2020

SASO IECEE Recognition Certificate

Further to our previous announcements regarding the Saudi Product Safety Programme for Saudi Arabia, Exporters are hereby informed that new products have been added to the list that requires the SASO IECEE Recognition Certificate. 

The updated product list which requires SASO IECEE Recognition Certificate is listed below. It may be noted that Solar Photovoltaic Systems are the latest products that have been added to this list and the enforcement date to obtain the SASO IECEE Recognition Certificate for Solar Photovoltaic Systems is from 28th September 2020 onwards: 

  • Mobile Phone Devices
  • Chargers for Mobile Phones
  • Household/domestic Electric pumps (under 3500 Watts)
  • Car Chargers for Mobile Phones
  • Wireless Chargers for Mobile Phones
  • Power Bank 
  • Mobile Phone Batteries
  • Laptops and Tablets
  • Smart Watches
  • Smart Band
  • Television and Display Monitors
  • Dish Washers 
  • Wireless Headphone, Earphones and similar products 
  • Laptop Chargers (Electric transformer for Laptop)
  • All lighting products and their control gears
  • E-Cigarettes, Vaping Devices and similar products
  • Solar Photovoltaic Systems

*Note: The products listed above should be verified in SABER for any updates regarding the applicability of the SASO IECEE Recognition Certificate.  Additional technical support can be provided by contacting your local Intertek GTS office.  

A Valid IECEE Test Report issued by a CB Testing Laboratory (CBTL), which is an IECEE approved Lab under the CB Scheme and a valid CB Test Certificate issued by a National Certification Body (NCB) are pre-requisites to obtain the SIRC.

Intertek Government and Trade Services (GTS) is facilitating the process for obtaining the SIRC . This unique benefit from Intertek will expedite the application and registration process on SABER to obtain the P-CoC and S-CoC.

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