16 Mar 2022

Exporting/Importing to Saudi Arabia – Updated Energy Efficiency Standard for Low-Capacity Air Conditioners

Manufacturers and Exporters are hereby reminded of the enforcement date of 1st April 2022 for the updated Saud Standard SASO 2663/2021 for Minimum Energy Performance Labelling and Testing requirements for Low-capacity Window and Split-type Air Conditioners.

Manufacturers and Exporters of inverter-type air conditioner models are reminded to conduct the additional test requirements and update their existing valid EER Certificate/Label to the SASO 2663/2021 version before 1st April 2022. Failing to do so will result in the automatic calculation of SEER by considering all such models as fixed-speed models. This may result in a significantly lower SEER rating level than the actual rating level. Furthermore, Manufacturers and Exporters will not be able to renew or upgrade existing registered Inverter type Air conditioner models after 1st April 2022 and instead will have to submit a fresh application in SASO's SLS portal with a new model number to request the SEER Certificate/Label.

Intertek's experts can guide customers to ensure they fully understand the requirements of the SASO 2663/2021 version and register/update their models in SASO’s SLS portal to obtain the SEER Certificate/Label.