23 Jan 2018

New Standard for Energy Performance, Water Consumption and Labeling for Washing Machines

SASO published a new standard SASO 2885:2017 related to Energy Performance, Water Consumption, and Labeling requirements of Washing Machines on the 5th January 2018. Implementation of this standard shall start from 1st October 2018. 

The new standard SASO 2885:2017 replaces the existing standard SASO 2692:2013 - “Energy Labelling Requirements for Washing Machines”. The EER certificates and labels that were issued according to the replaced standard SASO 2692:2013 will be valid until September 2018. Manufacturers are advised to migrate the certification of their products to the new standard as soon as they can to avoid having their products rejected by KSA Customs when the new standard comes into force.

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