21 Feb 2018

SASO has recently enforced the G-Mark Regulation for Low Voltage (LV) Electrical Products and Toys and all such products must now comply with the G-Mark Technical Regulation.

Low Voltage Electrical Products

All products included in “List 2” of the G-mark Technical Regulation BD-142004-01 for Low Voltage (LV) Electrical Products are now required to comply with this Technical Regulation before shipments of such products can be issued with a Certificate of Conformity and exported to KSA. 

Currently, there are (13) product groups included in this list which can be viewed on TC143307-01. including HS Codes.

More products may be added to this list by the GSO in the future, Intertek will inform you as soon as any official announcements are made.

Presence of a valid GCTS Mark (with the QR code and identification number of the Notified Body which has issued the G-mark certification) on the LV Electrical product, product’s packaging, and user manual, as applicable, and submission of the relevant Gulf Type Examination Certificate (GTEC) will be verified for every shipment of products under the scope of the G-mark Regulation before a Certificate of Conformity for the shipment can be issued.

Toy Products

All electrical and non-electrical toys are covered by the Gulf Toy Technical Regulation (GTTR) Ref. BD131704-01.

All toys covered under the requirement of GTTR shall comply with the standard EN 71 and its applicable parts. Electrical toys shall additionally comply with standard IEC 62115.

No shipment of toys within the scope of the GTTR shall be issued with a Certificate of Conformity or allowed to enter Saudi without a valid GSO conformity Tracking Symbol (GCTS) marked on the product, product’s packaging, and user manual as applicable.

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