28 Jul 2022

Exporting/Importing to Egypt: ECAP Regulated Product List Revised

The Decree 96/2022 concerning the revised RP List published by the Egyptian Ministry of Trade and Industry enforced on 20th May 2022 has been amended by Decree 403/2022.

The amendment was published in the Egyptian Official Gazette on 6th July 2022 and will be enforced after 3 months from the date of its publication.

The updated RP List published in Decree 403/2022 is as follows:

  • Door Locks (8301.40)
  • Low-Pressure Regulator for household use (9032.20)
  • Hand valve for gas pipes (8481.30 – 8481.40)
  • Insulated Electric cables with rated voltage not exceeding 3 kV (8544)
  • Welding Electrodes (8311)
  • Ballasts for lamps and discharge tubes (8504.10)
  • LED Lamps, Excluding LED lamps for vehicles (8539.50, 8543)
  • Electric cells and accumulators (Batteries) (8506 – 8507)

Electric Current transformers which were part of the RP List as per Decree 96/2022 have been removed from the latest RP List as per Decree 403/2022.

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