27 Dec 2018

Implementation the Saudi Product Safety Programme (SALEEM)

Further to our previous announcements regarding the SALEEM programme for Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) has decided to implement the Saudi Product Safety Programme (SALEEM) by launching the SABER platform for online Certification as of 1st January 2019.

The SALEEM programme takes into consideration specific product technical regulations which are in place to ensure the quality and safety of products in the KSA market. A list of technical regulations for various products covering Lube Oils, Detergents, Building Materials, Construction Products, Paints, Lifts, Vehicle Spare Parts, Textiles, etc., has been released by SASO. The Products covered by the technical regulations are referred to as Regulated Products.

SASO has developed its own electronic certification system called SABER. Importers must now initiate the certification request online, for the Regulated Products they intend to import by accessing SABER, registering the Regulated Products, and choosing one of the SASO Approved Certification Bodies (CB) such as Intertek to process their request. 

The conformity assessment process for the regulated products is a two-stage process:

Stage 1: Issuance of Product Certification of Conformity (PCoC). 

The PCoC is issued online in the SABER platform for every regulated product as per the applicable product standards defined in the relevant Technical Regulation

Process Flow

  • Importer adds Product information on the SABER Platform for obtaining PCoC.
  • Importer selects Certification Body (CB) such as Intertek for issuance of PCoC.
  • Payment of PCoC Fees.
  • Intertek accesses the SABER Platform to check online the request from Importers.
  • Intertek facilitates the Conformity Assessment Process and liaises with the exporter for submission of all substantiating documents. 
  • Intertek verifies the Results and uploads qualifying valid documents in the system. 
  • PCoC is issued online in SABER. The PCoC is valid for a period of one (1) year.

In order to facilitate the product registration on SABER, our office in KSA is ready to assist the Importers to register the products. Our expert team has the required technical competencies to provide full support in this regard.

Intertek KSA Address:
Intertek International Ltd.
King Fahed Street,
Tawuniya Tower, 
North Tower, 3rd floor
Riyadh 12212
PO Box 250878
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966 11 4657298
Email: info.riyadh.gs@intertek.com

Stage 2: Issuance of Shipment Certificate of Conformity (SCoC)

Every regulated product included in the shipment will be verified by Intertek to ensure there is an existing valid PCoC for that product and if found to be true then an SCoC is issued.

Process Flow

  • Importer to send an online request on SABER for obtaining SCoC for importing products into KSA
  • Intertek verifies if there is a valid PCoC for every regulated product. 
  • Intertek confirms online if verified and found to be true.
  • Payment of SCoC fees.
  • SCoC is issued online in SABER. The SCoC is valid for that specific shipment only.

SALEEM Implementation

1st Jan 2019

All Regulated Products must be registered through SABER

Intertek is accredited for most of the Technical Regulations in all five regions and Importers can select one of Intertek’s five (5) Accreditation Offices to facilitate Conformity Assessment and Certificate issuance.

Intertek Government and Trade Services (GTS) is facilitating the process for the Product CoC PCoC and SCoC in accordance with the SASO SALEEM programme. This unique benefit from Intertek GTS will expedite the application and registration process once the SABER system is fully deployed.

Our Intertek team is here to help you and your organisation to understand and apply this important latest market access regulation in Saudi Arabia.

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