25 Sep 2012

New Technical Regulations and new Mark of Conformity in the Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus Customs Union for imports of Consumer Goods

In accordance with initiated 2 years ago unification of certification requirements for member countries of the Customs Union, (Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan), several new Technical Regulations for the Customs Union came into force on 1st July 2012:

  • Safety of perfumery and cosmetic products
  • Safety of toys
  • Safety of products intended for children and teenagers
  • Safety of products of the light industry (concerns mainly adult textiles and shoes)
  • Safety of packaging
  • Safety of personal protective clothing

These Technical Regulations replaced GOST requirements and conformity assessment procedures, introducing new forms of conformity documents and a new Mark of Conformity for the Customs Union.

Conformity documents (State Registration, Certificate of Conformity or Declaration of Conformity) issued according to these Technical Regulations are valid in all three countries.

Products covered by State Registrations, Certificates, or Declarations issued before 1st July 2012 are allowed to circulate within the Customs Union market in each of the three countries until February or July 2014 depending on the type of product.

EAC Mark Products certified according to new rules will have to be labeled with the Customs Union Mark of Conformity, also known as EurAsian Conformity Mark – EAC, before they are placed on the market of the Customs Union member states.

At this stage, new procedures continue to undergo changes and amendments and will be finalised in the upcoming weeks.

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