27 Oct 2021

Exports to Cameroon - ANOR extend regulated product list for PECAE

The Agence des Normes et de la Qualite (ANOR) has implemented a revised “Regulated Product List” under Programme d’Evaluation de la Conformité Avant Embarquement (PECAE) programme.

From November 15th 2021 all Products will be regulated except those that are listed in the exempted/restricted list and therefore shipments of these regulated products will need to obtain the Attestation of Conformity (AoC) from Approved Service Providers, such as Intertek.

All Regulated Products included under the scope of Cameroon PECAE shall comply with the Cameroonian Technical Regulations and Mandatory Standards where applicable for facilitating clearance of their Shipments at Cameroonian Ports/Borders.

Exporters engaged in trade with Cameroon need to be aware of this important update and to be prepared well in advance. Exporters are encouraged to contact local Intertek Offices to find out how to comply with this new requirement.